Posted by: CatherineD | June 26, 2009


Some of the best advice I’ve been given is to stay busy during this waiting period. So I’ve been channeling my inner domestic goddess and here’s what I’ve been working on:

The Nursery-

Nursery4 6.26.09

Ikea shelves, Land of Nod bins, Little Castle Cottage glider and ottoman

Nursery 6.26.09

Ikea panels & lamp

Nursery3 6.26.09

Can you see the tree I drew on the wall? Look closely.

Tree Mural3 6.26.09

It's a little easier to see in this pic. I found a tree image online and used a friend's projector to magnify it, then just traced around it. Alaina is coming over tomorrow to help me paint.

I found this really cute bird mobile pattern at Spool. I haven’t sewn anything (besides sewing Brian’s comforter to the mattress – but that’s a story for another day) since junior high Home Ec when we made Pound Puppies. They really DO look like birds, don’t they?

Spool Birds 6.26.09

I’ve also been taking a Wilton cake decorating class at Joann. Tomorrow is my last class, and the assignment is to make a character cake.  I haven’t decided what to make yet.


  1. Gorgeous nursery! I always meant to make some of those birds… Lovely!

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