Posted by: CatherineD | June 29, 2009

I smell kimchee!

I LOVE kimchee. Growing up, my mom, sister and I would eat kimchee and rice, while my poor dad (who does NOT like kimchee) suffered in silence. You see, as most kimchee eaters know, if there is a jar of kimchee open in the house – you can smell it from ANYWHERE else in the house. It’s potent. And, after eating it, be mindful of your kimchee breath.  My mom and I were pondering today, wondering if Seoul will smell of kimchee? Will everyone have kimchee breath? That would be AWESOME.

It has been exactly 1 month since we mailed the acceptance of our referral for Daniel. He’ll be 7 months on Thursday.  I wonder if he’ll like kimchee? Then I would have someone else in the house to eat it with. Brian has been a great sport and tried it on many occasions – but it still completely grosses him out!

We tried putting the Spool bird mobile together last night, and we were both so frustrated. I finally got it to sort-of balance, but 2 of the birds are still hanging upside-down! They WILL NOT sit up straight. Ugh… I will have to google ‘mobiles’ and see if I can find some help.

Well, here’s something that turned out PERFECTLY…
Tree Mural1

Brian just came in with the mail, and we received a letter from the Dept of Homeland Security – it’s an approval of Daniel’s visa petition! Yaaay!



  1. Yes, Seoul will smell like kimchee and it is fabulous!

    And YAY for the Visa approval!! Another huge step down! 🙂

  2. Catherine! I just found your blog. I thought you were going to tell me when you got it up!!!! Anyway, this is so fun! You two did a wonderful job on the tree. I love it. The nursery looks great!

  3. I just came across your blog. We’re adopting from Korea as well. We received our referral at the beginning of May.

    This tree is SO beautiful. Nice work! Your nursery looks great. We are just starting to work on ours.

  4. Hello – Like Janet above, I just came across your blog and we are also adopting from Korea. We are further behind in the process though – just finished up the home study and are waiting for a referral. Congrats on yours!

    I agree – love the tree in the nursery!

    Congrats on getting your Homeland Security approval!

  5. Love the tree – Olive has one in her room too! I like that yours is very bonsai-ish!
    As for the kimchi… not sure if Seoul smells like it, but you get it with EVERY meal. We went out for Indian, Italian, and the full-fledged Korean meal. Every single one had kimchi. And the Korean meal had like 8 different kinds of kimchi. It’s amazing.

    • That is so funny that you get it with Indian & Italian. Yummm. I can’t wait!

  6. Yes – the tree is just perfect! Be prepared for all different sorts of kimchi in Seoul – just like Elizabeth mentions – but watch for the little beans with the sardines – that sucked.
    Congratulations on being one more step forward!!

    • Little beans with sardines??? Thanks for the heads-up!

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