Posted by: CatherineD | July 25, 2009

Just a little moping…

I was just telling a friend yesterday how I have done a great job of keeping busy and not ‘moping around’. Well, perhaps I spoke too soon. I did a lot of moping today. B had to go into work this morning, and I spent part of the morning sitting in Daniel’s room, rocking in the chair with his little stuffed gorilla.

Anyway, I thought that I already wrote about this, but we had the opportunity to send a gift to Daniel. Another couple from our agency is expected to travel to get their baby soon, and they offered to take gifts for waiting parents. We sent  a Who Loves Baby album with pics of us, the cat and the dog. We also included a Diamondbacks onesie & matching bib, and a cute little stuffed dog. I guess some people send a gift for the foster mom, too, but I had no idea what to send. We will definitely take something for her when we go to Seoul, but, as others have written, what gift could possibly be enough to show our appreciation for all that she has done???

I need a project to get me out of my funk. Tomorrow, I think I’ll finish the 2nd bird mobile. I made the one that’s hanging in the nursery now, but I’m not satisfied with it. I think I can do better. Then, I’ll get my sister’s sewing machine out of storage and teach myself how to use it. I haven’t used a sewing machine since 7th grade, but it will all come back to me, I hope. Just like riding a bike, right? I saw the cutest ottoman/pillow thing that was actually a giant baby block, and now I want to make one. An ambitious project, I’ll admit, but it will definitely keep me busy. Just what I need!


  1. Oh, you are so not alone in getting in a funk. I can’t tell you how many times I sat in Olive’s room before she came home and just wished and hoped and dreamed. I would look at her clothes and imagine her in them, look in the crib and picture her sleeping. I’m glad you let yourself have some time like this. It makes the end so much sweeter.

  2. I completely “get it” about the occasional need to “mope around.” I mean it: NEED. It is necessary sometimes. As much as we do keep ourselves “busy” and prepare for the arrival of our little ones…there is a whole lot of waiting…and waiting sucks. So…don’t beat yourself up about moping…let it happen when it happens…and then do something that makes you feel good. That works for me…for NOW anyway. The idea to sew is GREAT. I’ve been knitting a lot, especially the last couple of days. Having a blog is a great outlet too. I’m glad I found yours recently. Looking forward to seeing your sewing projects along the way and when they are finished.

  3. I was one of the lucky ones – I didn’t have time to mope between referral and travel call. (Pre-referral is a whole other story though!) Anyway, I think a project or two is a great idea… it certainly helps take the focus and put it somewhere else. And in a process where so little of it is in your control, it’s nice to have something _Completely_ within your control to focus on!

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