Posted by: CatherineD | August 15, 2009


Last night, Brian and I had dinner at a local Korean restaurant. We had been there once before as part of a group workshop put on by our agency. Last time, everything was ordered for us, but this time we were on our own! Yikes!

Prior to beginning this process, my only experience with Korean food was kimchee (or kimchi, which we usually had in the house when I was growing up) and kalbi (or galbi) ribs. My mom is Japanese and grew up in Hawaii, where both of those are part of local cuisine.

Brian’s only experience is being exposed to my lovely breath after I eat kimchi.

We carefully studied the menu and decided upon bibimbap and dwehji bulgogi (which we remember by thinking “the wedgie” bulgogi – how childish are we?). They were so delicious, we couldn’t decide which was our favorite. We also had all-you-can-eat sides of kimchi, bean sprouts, seaweed, pickled radish (Brian’s favorite), fish cakes (my favorite), anchovies with jalapenos, and a mayonnaise salad with potatoes & macaroni (our least favorite). We didn’t get the Korean names for most of it, but I think we did well to remember ‘the wedgie’ bulgogi!

We have decided to eat Korean food once a week until we get our travel call, to familiarize ourselves with more dishes (but really just another excuse to stuff our faces). I’m excited to have left-overs for lunch – yum!


  1. That’s a good idea – once a week! We went out for Korean a few days ago ourselves. We were introduced to Korean food only a few months ago, and we love it. Yum!

  2. Those are our two favorite dishes… another couple that ranks way up there is Jap Chae and Don Gaetsu… and pickled radish is my FAVE… they know to bring me my very own dish of it now! :-)YUM!

    (I have a crockpot bulgogi recipe if you want it…)

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