Posted by: CatherineD | August 24, 2009

Mac n’ Cheese Monday

Brian has been sick all weekend with the flu. He finally saw a doctor and got some meds today, so I think he’s on the mend. I was reading a fellow blogger’s post this morning about an amazing gourmet meal her husband prepared, and I teased Brian about his ‘famous’ doctored Kraft mac n’ cheese. Then, for the rest of the day he was craving mac n’ cheese. Since he’s sick, I said that I would go get some. But the thought of that powdered mystery cheese was not sounding so appetizing to me. So, I got out my Ellie Krieger cookbook and found this yummy Macaroni and Four Cheese recipe with a hidden healthy ingredient – squash. It calls for frozen winter squash, but I couldn’t find it in my grocery store so I bought an acorn squash and just cut it, peeled it and used the food processor to grate it.

Now Brian LOVES his Kraft mac n’ cheese, so I was in no way attempting to compete with the beloved blue box. However – get this – he said he liked my homemade version better! No way! Okay, so either he is just being really sweet, OR he wisely considered the fact that I slaved in the kitchen for hours (it took longer than it should have because I had to figure out how to prepare the squash) and he better say he liked it, OR he really DOES like it better! Anyway –  I thought it was really yummy AND way better than Kraft, and I love the fact that we’re getting some extra nutrition in there.

So this post is for anyone else out there who is tired of processed powder cheese.


  1. Ha ha. Sounds delish! I love mac n’ cheese – especially when it’s made with lots of “fancy” cheese 🙂

    -the fellow blogger

  2. As soon as I read “fellow blogger” I knew who you were talking about… her post made me hungry for the rest. of. the. day.

    This sounds delish! One of our favorite meals in mac-n-cheese. (Real mac-n-cheese, not the box) I’m going to have to try this!

  3. Kelly, you are so busted. You with your fancy cooking husband. 😉 I can’t complain b/c Adam cooks for us too.
    Catherine, we used to make this orgasmic Mac and Cheese dish, a Martha Stewart Recipe. Oh! It had buttery toasty crumbs on top and a couple kinds of cheese, plus a little kick of cayenne… the yummiest. Perhaps I’ll have to find it again… vegan, schmegan.

  4. I knew she must have been referring to Kelly’s gourmet-cook DH also. This mac ‘n cheese sounds delish…and with the squash in it…even better!!

  5. Sounds yummy! I hope Brian feels better!

  6. That Ellie Krieger Mac N’ Cheese recipe is my kids favorite. They request it at least once a week. So glad your husband liked it, too! Hope he’s back to himself soon.

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