Posted by: CatherineD | August 31, 2009

Passport – Check!


We received an email from our SW this morning that Daniel has his passport. Eastern will apply for his visa this week, and that process takes about 2 weeks. At that point, we will get our travel call!!!


  1. This is such an exciting time! I’m not sure how you will sleep (I know I didn’t!) but try to rest up. Take lots of pictures. I know you don’t know me but…..Oh, I am so happy for you! Congratulations!

    • Jane – I’m Catherine. It’s nice to meet you. Now we know each other! 🙂 Thanks for the wishes, and – too late – I haven’t been able to sleep for awhile now!

  2. Yahoo!!! So close…

  3. Awesome news!!! You are so close – I’m so happy for you guys!

  4. WHOOT!!!! That is sooooo exciting!

  5. Holy smokes! That is great news!

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