Posted by: CatherineD | September 1, 2009

Ok, Daddy’s Turn…

So, let me start by saying hello to all you bloggers! Yep, this is Catherine’s husband Brian, the one who has yet to Blog, Tweet, You Tube or My Space. And guess what? I work in IT managing data centers…..go figure. At this point, I guess I need to say something or people will just think Catherine made me up. I’m real!

I have been reading all the posts and commentary by all of you. Both C and I really appreciate all the kind words and support. We can’t wait to travel, get back home and bond with “Double D”.

As I wait for the call to come, I have to keep my mind off of it and boy does that comes easy when I am at work. I also have to keep C sane so I try to humor her. My favorite is telling her how I am always going to eat peanut butter with Daniel. Yeah, I know it’s wrong but I said it once for real a while back before I knew better so I just keep it as a running joke. It makes her laugh. As far as the shopping/grazing, I guess it’s my way of sharing all my sports watching on TV. This is her time and I am there to support in any way I can. Catherine has done all of the research, paperwork, coordinating meetings and appointments an everything else. She has earned it! I have to say though that everything in the stores look the same now. How many big league slugger and alligator and lion clothes do you need?

To quote the Beetles, “All You Need is Love”



  1. Nice to “meet” you Brian! What a sweet and funny post. In answer to your question… you can never have too many baby clothes! šŸ˜‰

  2. Hi Brian!
    What a wonderful supportive husband you are! I think Matt only went baby clothes shopping with me once!

  3. Hi Brian! So nice to hear from an other half. Best wishes to you both over the coming weeks!

  4. Always nice to hear from the husbands! My husband has guest posted once on my blog and he keeps threatening to do it again. I keep telling him he’s welcome to any time but so far nuthin’. Congrats on your impending travel to Seoul!!

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