Posted by: CatherineD | September 2, 2009

Minimal Word Wednesday

Happy 9 months, Daniel!
Lily hopes you will share your toys.



  1. Happy 9 months little Daniel! You look like you have a lot of cool toys to come home to!

  2. Happy 9 Months, Daniel! Look at all of those toys waiting for you!

  3. Daniel, you look like you are set! And what a cool wagon!

    Lily, try not to be like Roxy who steals all of Spencer’s toys and puts them in HER bin…

  4. Happy 9 Months! Can’t wait to “meet” Daniel soon! He’s going to be one lucky little boy 🙂 Oh, and you guys are going to be even luckier of course!

  5. Awe…cute. It sure looks like D will have a lot to play with when he comes home. He wll love it! Maybe he could share some with our Baby D…we haven’t collected too many toys yet. Some, but I suspect we’ll need to get some more…gradually.

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