Posted by: CatherineD | September 13, 2009

The Weekend

We were pretty productive this weekend. We accomplished a lot of the things that have been keeping me up nights (as chronicled in this post).

I ended up moving the piano into the hallway by myself while Brian was at work. It was pretty easy to roll, except I did have to lift the wheels over this wooden thing that separates the carpet from the wood floor (my back is not happy about that). I also moved all four bookshelves into the den (there were two in the den and two in the guest bedroom). Of course, I had to empty the shelves before moving them, so here are some pics of the mess Brian came home to (he is the neat-freak in our relationship).



Here's the piano in the hall. It used to be where the black bookshelves are in the den/office. Brian hates it.

Here's the piano in the hall. It used to be where the black bookshelves are in the den/office. Brian hates this new location.

We went to the fire department to have them show us how to install the car seat properly. Then, we went to Babies R Us and finished shopping for stuff  we’ll need for when Daniel comes home. Also returned some stuff that we won’t be needing – like the little bath tub that he probably won’t even fit into (see the latest update). Oh, we also ran into an old friend when we were having lunch at Mimi’s. It’s been years since we’ve seen her, and we met her husband and new little 8-month old son! Her son was soooo cute, and I held him for about 10 minutes. Well, by the end of those 10 minutes, my arms were shaking and my back was killing me. Her little baby (who is actually considered a big guy) was only 19 pounds – Daniel is currently 23.37! I really really really need to step up the training.

We went to work baby-proofing the house. Brian bolted the bookshelves to the wall, and I changed out the outlet-covers with those sliding ones. I also put corner pads on the furniture that we thought could be a danger. Check out these cute little hands we got at Ikea. Every time I look at them, I have to giggle!

Hands Corner Guards

I also put the books back on the shelves. I need to get some baskets to organize some of the stuff, but this will have to do for now.

There is much more space in here for playing!

There is much more space in here for playing!

This afternoon, Lily and I tagged along with Brian to the nearby school where he plays basketball. We took a walk around the school, and look at these little cuties we came across!


Two burrowing owls! Lily was such a good girl to sit still so I could take pics. I felt bad because they were originally in the same tree, but I got too close and one of them flew over to this tree. I was so excited about the lighting in this tree that I, again, got too close, and he flew across the street.


When we were leaving the school, I had Brian drive by the area with the owls to see if they were still there. This is what we saw. One was in the little burrow, and he kept poking his head out like a prairie dog. Sooo cute!


Sorry to disturb your evening, guys! Hope you have a successful night’s hunt.



  1. Busy and productive weekend!

    Wow, I’ve never seen burrowing owls – how neat!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the owl photos! And the little hands from Ikea are cute too. Isn’t Ikea the greatest?!

    It’s good to hear you are keeping busy.

  3. Oh my gosh – those owl photos are awesome! I’ve never seen them… I’ll have to send my sister this post – she’s a bird fanatic.

    I’m so jealous of your productive weekend. So, so jealous.

  4. LOVE the owls. You know I loves me some animals 🙂
    I’m with Christine – very jealous of your productivity – enjoy it while you can!
    And as for holding the baby… you develop SuperMom powers when the little one is yours and you can amazingly hold them all day long. And you love it too 🙂 Even when every muscle in your body is screaming.

  5. Your bookshelf/piano project looks like a huge success! I love how you did that work without Brian – that’s exactly what I would do if my mind was set on accomplishing the project.

  6. Those bookshelves are fabulous! Do the work now… there will be little time soon enough!
    I really hope those hands work better than the corner protectors ones I bought – took Alex about 20 seconds to rip them off. 🙂

  7. Catherine! Reading your blog makes me miss you so much! That first picture reminds me of your room growing up. JK – Well, I’m really not kidding, but no judging here. You should see my bedroom on a regular day. You would not recognize it as belonging to the same girl of the Tidy Heidi days.

    Love the piano in the hall. Looks like the bookcases were made for the office. Great job! I just LOVE projects like that. I think and think sometimes for months and then one day I just get up and do it. Wish I was there to help you get ready for your baby. It’s so much for to organize and shop and plan and play!!!!

    • Oh Heidi, I miss you too! Ha! That’s funny that you remember my messy bedroom. I’m much better now. Believe me – it was either that or divorce (just kidding, kind of!). I had forgotten about ‘Tidy Heidi’. Did I come up with that? Your room (and entire house for that matter) was always so clean. To this day, I wish I knew your secret. I just told my mom for the first time about how we had sneaked into the old train depot when it was abandoned and all boarded up. We thought we were sooo Nancy Drew. Remember that? She just shook her head…

  8. I mean “fun” not “for”

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