Posted by: CatherineD | September 18, 2009

Itching For a Travel Call

I got an email from our SW yesterday asking me to call her for an update. She didn’t want to call me and have me think that this was THE CALL, which I appreciate. She spoke to Eastern and they are estimating that Daniel will have a visa in the next couple weeks, so she suggested that we start looking into airfare and thinking about travel dates. Yaaay! What a crazy roller-coaster we are on!

Tuesday, I went to see an allergist and got a skin test. I also had some bloodwork done, and I have a follow-up appt to go over the results in a couple weeks (if we’re not in Seoul!). It was really interesting (Brian thinks it’s gross). She pricked the allergens (I think about 60?) into my forearms with these little 6-pronged needles. It wasn’t painful at all – just itchy from the ones where I reacted. I had to sit still for 20 minutes, and I wasn’t allowed to scratch! That was the hardest part. I asked the tech to take a picture of my arms with my phone.


Each of the little red dots is a different allergen. The ones that look larger or swollen are the ones I’m allergic to. A couple spots on my left arm are still really itchy.  So far, they can tell I’m allergic to: trees, weeds (pretty general, I know!), cats (which I knew, but it’s not bad with George. It’s worse with short-haired cats.) and dust mites. Hope this didn’t gross anyone out. I think stuff like this is fascinating.

Clever title, huh? Get it? Itching… Travel Call? 🙂


  1. Hoping that travel call comes soon! So exciting!

    I’ve had that allergy testing done a couple of times. They used to do it on your back! Fun stuff, huh?

  2. OK, you are hilarious. I get it – itching for that call 🙂 Was the tech like “you want a photo of what?”

    But seriously – most importantly – good news that the VI is only a few weeks away. I know you wish it were tomorrow, but at least they are keeping you in the loop and it’s within sight now! I can’t wait for you to get THE call!

    OK, the obligatory question – will you be blogging from Seoul? 🙂

    • Believe it or not, I wasn’t the first person to ask for a picture! Yes, we are absolutely planning to blog from Seoul!

  3. Itching – ha!! That was really nice of your SW not to freak you out by calling. I remember getting THE CALL and then having a whole conversation… and then two hours later calling her back and asking her to go over everything again. 😉

  4. Love the corny title, of course. I am the queen of corn in our part of the world.
    Yay for getting closer.
    And love the allergy test pic. I’ve always wondered how they do that.

  5. Very clever. You are getting close! What dates are you thinking of for travel?

    I’ve been through the whole allergy testing thing a few times. It is fascinating, but then I realized how much by body is allergic to and I just got frustrated.

  6. It’s coming!! So exciting!
    I’m often wondered how allergy tests work – looks painful, but kinda cool too.

  7. I’m itching right along with you for you to get your TC (although not willing to get all those pokes for it). I cannot wait to follow your journey to Seoul. I love our blog world. The up-down-up-down…adoption roller coaster rides we are on here. Hang on…you are getting SOOOOO close!!

  8. Wow — that is exciting news about the visa. It is such a crazy time between your travel call and flying out, that it is nice to have a couple of weeks warning. You can do all of the things you’ve been putting off that will really be nice to have done before you actually get the call. I’m so glad I found your blog at this pivotal moment.

    I hope your arms (and allergies) are okay!

  9. I love that kind of stuff too. When I had allergy tests, it was on my back. Very itchy for days.

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