Posted by: CatherineD | September 23, 2009

Nothing to Report

Nope. Nothing. These last three days have been the longest in my life!

I almost posted at 4 a.m. this morning when I couldn’t sleep, but when I realized that Brian was awake, too, I got up and made apple smoothies for us. We drank our smoothies, in bed, then fell back asleep!

Since the weather has started to cool down (it only got up to 95 today!), I went for a hike up South Mountain this morning. It was beautiful out. I wish I would’ve had my camera. I saw lots of lizards, a little snake, squirrels… but the most exciting was the roadrunner! I was just coming up on the spot where I saw a rattlesnake two years ago, and I’m always a little on edge at that point, then out of the corner of my eye I saw something large (like not a lizard or a dove). This awesome roadrunner jumped out of the brush and just ran across the path in front of me! Even if I had my camera, I probably wouldn’t have caught it. That spot has been a lucky one for wildlife viewing, though. Maybe I’ll just take the camera tomorrow and hang out quietly right there and see what I can see.

Keep your fingers crossed for a travel call for us!


  1. So the real question is… did the roadrunner say “meep meep” or has Warner Bros. been deceiving me all these years?
    But seriously, I have every digit crossed for your travel call!!! It’s only Wednesday evening, so don’t give up yet – ours came at 7am on Friday morning. There’s still hope!

    • Unfortunately, I have never heard a “meep meep” from a roadrunner. But maybe it’s because when I see them, they are usually running away from me and not in the “meep meep” mood.

  2. Fingers are crossed!

  3. So cool to have a roadrunner zip right past you! Sounds like a great place to hike. We LOVE hiking.
    Our travel call came at 6:34 AM on a Friday too. Come on Friday!!! LOVE Friday, for sure.

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