Posted by: CatherineD | September 28, 2009


Daniel JeongSoo!!!


Today we met Daniel and his foster mom for the first time. We met in a small computer room at Eastern.

He is perfect in every way. We were pleasantly surprised that he did not cry when Brian and I held him. He giggled, enjoyed playing with B’s beard, cruised around the room holding onto furniture – but his favorite thing seems to be jumping. He loves to jump jump jump while holding onto your hands. His foster mom said he also likes to dance to music.


His foster mom gave us a bagful of gifts for him. A photo album with lots of pics (including dates), a beautiful hanbok (traditional outfit – we will put this on him for his first birthday), framed photos, crayons and colored pencils.

We will get to see him and play with him again tomorrow afternoon. Right now we’re off to grab some lunch and do some sight-seeing.

Our Family!

Our Family! (We are holding his arm down because he kept hitting me in the face - we'll have to work on that!)


  1. He is precious, you three are meant to be a family!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. What a joy…we are beyond words. Daniel looks adorable in his new parent’s arms. We cannot wait to meet our new grandson on Thursday. Love to all three of you. xo

  3. Oh, he’s so cute! Thanks for sharing the photos with us! I am super excited for you guys!! What a lovely family photo 🙂

  4. He is beautiful!! I’m so happy for you three!

  5. What a smile!! Great news, keep up with the updates… We’re all so happy for you guys! Safe trip home with Daniel!!!

  6. I’m all teary!!! He’s such a beautiful baby and you all look so happy! That first shot of the two of you is just amazing. YAY!!!!!

    (We had the hitting mama in the face thing too…)

  7. What a wonderful thing to see greeting me in my reader this morning! He’s such a sweet looking little pumpkin – love the round face! And you guys, of course, look blissful. Congrats!

  8. Daniel is adorable. His smile is great. So happy for your family. Enjoy Seoul!

  9. You are just beaming! Brought tears to my eyes to see your new family and remember how it felt to meet our J 11 months ago. 🙂 Congrats and enjoy sight seeing.

  10. I’m crying here – tissues anybody?
    Daniel is just beautiful. And the three of you look absolutely perfect together!
    Enjoy the rest of your time in Seoul!

  11. I’m such a crybaby – this is making me all teary! He’s gorgeous and I’m so happy to see you all together!

  12. Yes, yes, yes!!! This makes me SOOO happy. What a cutie! Love his smile & those cheeks. Glad your visit went well and that you’ll get to see him again before leaving. Enjoy Seoul…let us know what you do.

  13. He is seriously so cute! I hope you enjoy Seoul!

  14. We are going crazy with excitement. Daniel is adorable, and you are both glowing. We cannot wait to meet him, and hear more details about this amazing experience.

  15. His smile is AMAZING!!! What joy and abundance. I’m so excited for you!

  16. Catherine!
    You all look so happy. What an amazing journey!!
    He’s beautiful!

  17. I am soooo happy for you 3! You already look like a family — hoping the flight back is uneventful, please come by the office with Daniel when you can. Looking forward to seeing more pics!

  18. OMG! You guys must be so excited. I am! I have goose bumps. The pictures are great and Daniel is beautiful. Your cheeks must hurt from smiling!

  19. Catherine and Brian, I’m so happy for both of you!!! It makes me cry to see the pics of you with your beautiful son. Okay, this may sound weird, but he looks like you both. My love and prayers are with you all the way home!! Gina

  20. Catherine and Brian:
    What a beautiful family you are. And what a journey! I’m so glad to share in your joy.
    Best wishes on your new adventure.

  21. Oh my word! He is beyond cute! I’m so happy!

  22. This is my third attempt. If all this goes away again, I’m going to do something else for a while. I was so excited that I actually wanted to do this computer thing. Now I remember why I do not like it. First thing I said, “Lyle, print me a picture to take to my aerobics class.” Of course, everyone thought Daniel was absolutely adorable. We are anxious to see you three. Safe trip home. (Lily loves her 5am walks.)

  23. What a Beautiful baby, sooo cute!!!! This brings back so many memories, we met Averi in the same room!! 🙂
    Enjoy the rest of your trip, can’t wait to see more pics!


  24. […] After breakfast, it was time for the 15-minute urban hike to Eastern to meet Daniel for the first time. You can read about our first meeting in this post. […]

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