Posted by: CatherineD | October 10, 2009

Playing House

Brian and I are having a blast “playing house” with our new little baby boy. I’m sad that B is going back to work on Wednesday. šŸ˜¦

Daniel does something new and surprising every day. Here are just a few of his latest activities:

  • He can stand unassisted for around 10 seconds before going BOOM!
  • He has just started lunging at us with a huge smile for hugs and cuddles. (this one’s my favorite)
  • He loves making motorboat sounds.
  • He is often clapping and giggling!
  • We visited Daddy’s nice quiet office, and he let out a few of his best (and loudest) squeals of joy. Oops!
  • He concentrates so hard on trying to make his hand into a ‘pointing’ or ‘number 1’ shape
  • Last night, he slept in his crib for about five hours!


Riding Tow Mater

Asleep in Stroller


  1. He’s such a cute little chubby-kins! It’s so true that, at first, it feels like you’re playing house. And yet before you know it, you have a new normal. And it’s so wonderful šŸ™‚

  2. Oh he’s cute! He sounds like a happy baby. I was sad too when Jason had to go back to work after staying home with us.

  3. Sounds like you three are doing great!

  4. Yay for motorboat sounds (we call them raspberries…always in season around here apparently) and crib sleeping. Could your little guy send our little guy a memo letting him know that crib sleeping really isn’t so bad…and should be done for more than 30-60 minute stints? Thanks.

    CUTE pics!!

  5. I LOVE those chubby feet!!

  6. So happy for you all! Want to squeeze those chunky cheeks!!

  7. I love Daniel’s’ summery outfits in October! No winter for you in Arizona!! Lucky!

  8. Oh Daniel is cuter and cuter every day. Sounds like you are having lots of fun being a mama. Yay!

  9. Sounds like it is going awesome! He’s so cute… and sporting a faux-hawk?

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