Posted by: CatherineD | October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday



  1. Daniel! You are looking super cute! And I love those chubby little legs of his 🙂

  2. Hi there, Mr. Cutie-Pa-Tootie!!!
    Love your hoody…and those cute legs of yours.
    Are you wearing that hoody indoors in the AC? I imagine it is too hot for it outside. We definitely need warm clothes here…coats & hats too.

    • Yes, indoors for now (and sans pants!). We may have a few cold winter days when we’ll need this. And, if we go up into the mountains at all…

  3. OK – I need to know where that hoodie came from. No really. I do. I think it… and the boy inside it… are absolutely adorable!

    [Expect a long-winded response on diapers from me later on today/tonight…if the sleeping gods allow!]

    • D’s Auntie Deb sent this hoody to him. It’s from Old Navy. It totally reminds me of that commercial where the man tells the little boy that he’s Scotch-Korean. Have you seen it? Cracks me up.

  4. Too. Cute. Love those chubby little legs!

  5. He is so darn adorable! How are things going with B back to work? I’ve been thinking about you.

    • Kris – to answer your question, it’s going pretty well! Granted, today is only Day 3, but so far so good. Thanks for asking!

  6. What a cutie!!

  7. ohmygoodness!! i want to nibble those thighs!!

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