Posted by: CatherineD | October 19, 2009

1 a.m.

While everyone else in the house sleeps peacefully, here I am typing away in frustration. The baby monitor has been shouting random bits of static at me for the past hour. Does anyone else remember the old TVs with the dial to change channels? You know how sometimes, if you got the dial stuck between channels for a second, it would emit a short burst of white noise? That’s what it sounds like. Every couple of minutes or so. I moved it all over my side of the bedroom, but nothing helped. It seems to be doing well in the office, so I might set up a makeshift bed on the floor in here.

I know there’s a way to change the channel, but since B initially set it up, I only know how to turn it on and adjust the volume.



  1. Oh man, that’s the worst! The last thing you need is something silly disrupting your sleep!

  2. Boooo! That stinks! I hope B can fix that darn thing so you can sleep better tonight.

  3. Ugh…hate when technology makes things worse instead of better. Maybe just turn it off and sleep closer to his room…until it gets resolved.

    I wondered why you posted on my blog in the middle of the night…I was thinking you must have been up…but I thought it was with D, not because of the goofy baby monitor. Rats!

  4. frustrating! I like ours – x and y. Nothing fancy – but it works great!

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