Posted by: CatherineD | October 24, 2009

Week 3 Update

As of yesterday, Daniel has been home for three weeks. In those three weeks, all of our lives have changed drastically, but the funny thing is – it feels so natural! At least for Brian and me… we can’t speak for Daniel, but if his smiles, giggles and cuddles are any indication, he is well on his way to settling in with us.

We are having a GREAT time! He is such a happy little guy and some days the muscles in my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much! Off the top of my head, here are some things that he does that I want to be sure to document:

  • He can “clap” on command. If we ask him to clap his hands (without modeling the behavior ourselves), he does it!
  • If we ask, “Where is the fan?” he will look up and wave his hand at the ceiling fan. I’m also working on “Where is Daddy?” I think he’s almost got it, but the first few times, he would just look up at the fan.
  • He gives us kisses, but on HIS terms. If we ask for a kiss and he doesn’t feel like it, he may smile and shake his head “no.” That’s always disappointing, but still so darn cute! If he decides he does want to give kisses, he will grab my face with both hands, make a cute high-pitched “Awww” sound and smoosh his face into mine. Sometimes my nose goes in his mouth, and I have to protect my forehead (and his!) from head-butts.
  • He has started running. No, not walking… running! Every night after dinner, the three of us will play on the living room floor, and D likes to walk while holding onto the couch. Sometimes, he gets this wild look in his eyes, lets go of the couch, squeals and runs 2-3 steps until he falls into his target (me or Brian). So funny.
  • He likes to give raspberries. He has started giving me raspberries on my arms or legs. And the funniest part is that he doesn’t laugh. When he does it, I laugh hysterically and he looks at me so seriously like, “what?”
  • Anytime he hears music, he will start bouncing up and down, clapping his hands. His favorite is when Brian and I sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.”
  • He wants to feed himself. Actually, he DEMANDS it. As I mentioned, for the most part he is a happy baby, but when it comes to mealtime, he is definitely asserting his independence. He has had a couple meltdowns over the spoon. He will scream, cry, bang his head against the chair and refuse to eat until he gets the spoon. The times I have given it to him, he flings it (and the food) around and eventually throws it on the floor. I have tried holding his left arm down while I bring the spoon to his lips. Sometimes this works, sometimes he shakes his head no and refuses to eat unless he can “help” hold the spoon, which results in the same flinging of food and spoon on the floor. I have developed a few tricks that seem to work for now (until he outsmarts me). I give him his bottle before mealtime so he’s not starving, or I make sure he has finger foods to feed himself with. If I need to spoon-feed him, I use a spoon without the plastic coating and sneak it into his mouth and out before he has a chance to grab it. The plastic coating makes it easier for him to grab with his teeth.
  • He LOVES his grandpas. He loves the grandmas, too, but there is just something about his grandpas that really makes him giggle and smile. Maybe it’s their thick bushy mustaches and deep voices? I don’t know, but it’s cute.
  • When he sneezes, he gets a huge smile on his face when we say “Bless you.”
  • He especially loves babies. When he sees pictures of babies, he smiles and points. In the waiting room at the pediatrician, he wanted to play with every baby he saw. I think it’s time for a play-date!
  • He can slide down off the couch by himself… but only if I point him in the right direction. He will still dive face-first and expect us to catch him, but if I point his feet toward the edge of the couch, he can slide off, land on his feet and go cruising.
  • He knows a few things are off-limits (the dog’s food, the dog’s water, the TV, the remotes, Lily’s bone and toys), but that doesn’t stop him. He gets a huge smile on his face, starts crawling toward the taboo object and looks back at us to see if we’re looking. When we say “No no,” he smiles even more and crawls faster toward whatever it is. I have to purse my lips to keep from laughing when he does this.
  • I’m always sweaty (okay, this is not a cute Daniel thing, but he is the cause of it). It’s so weird, because until Daniel, I was always cold. Even in the middle of summer (in the air-conditioning), I still wear flannel PJs and carry a cardigan everywhere. Now, between lugging carrying his 23-pound body and chasing him around on all fours, it seems I’m constantly hot and sweaty and asking, “Is it hot in here?” To which anyone else in the room replies, “No.”
  • He still gets up at least once per night for a bottle. We are decreasing the amount of formula each time, so hopefully this will work. Brian is on nighttime duty for the first time tonight, which is why I am finally posting.

On that note, I’m looking forward to sleeping through the night and I’m going to hit the hay!

Sharing a smile with Grandpa

Sharing a smile with Grandpa


  1. I’m so glad to hear so many good things from you! That’s a great photo, too!

  2. Love the picture. And what a wonderful, detailed update! My favorites are the running and the naughty smiling while going for things that are “off-limits.” What a stinker!

  3. So many great things happening there! It really sounds like D is settling in very well. What is it with boys and their grandpas? The grandpas are X’s favorite people too. The smile D is giving his grandpa is so darn cute.

  4. Everything sounds like it’s going GREAT! Love the Daniel update. I’m a little disappointed that we only got ONE photo but, sigh, it is a very, very cute one. 🙂

    • Kelly – Sorry! I know, I realized that it was a VERY wordy post after I published it. I promise more pics soon! 🙂

  5. Wow! What a GREAT update from you. Daniel certainly sounds busy and like he is developing wonderfully. I love the crawling away from you when heading toward something “off limits.” Sounds VERY familiar (one of our taboo objects is our built-in glass-door bookcases…uh-oh…he knows they are off limits and will charge them and then stop RIGHT BEFORE to turn and look at us…if we haven’t grabbed him already). Our D loved being carried around by his Grandpa too. G-pas & little boys: GREAT combo!

    I usually feel warm too (which now is welcome since it is getting colder). This week my left arm is SORE, SORE, SORE…I know it is from too much lugging of a certain ah-gee. Are you still sore (your foot/back)?

    • Janet – it seems like a different body part aches every day! My foot is much better, but my back is still sore. Lately, my wrists have been killing me! My whole body is doing things it has never done before! That’s great that you are going back to yoga. That should help. My last yoga teacher quit because she had a baby. I need to find a new studio…

  6. What a gorgeous smile!! And running already?! Yikes!

  7. What a great update!! I’m laughing about the fan… that was one of Spencer’s first “recognitions” and now that it’s cold (and therefore not on) it drives him really crazy!

    And it sounds like you have a troublemaker on your hands!

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