Posted by: CatherineD | November 17, 2009

Sleep and the lack thereof

There were some really good guesses regarding my What’s For Lunch post (Krista – what are baby mums?), but no one got it right. The white stuff in Lily’s fur is actually cubes of tofu.

Our sleep situation seems to be getting worse! For the past four nights, D has been waking up crying EVERY two hours! Sometimes, I am able to give him a quick cuddle and put him back down, but other times, he tosses and turns in my arms for for about 40 minutes before finally going back to sleep (even after a bottle). I’m not sure what’s going on. During the day, he has been all smiles. The only one that is visibly suffering from this situation is me. Really, I should be sleeping now during his nap, but I wanted to post this and ask all of you moms out there for suggestions.

Emily, as promised, these pics are for you…

This was one morning last week. D was super grumpy, so I decided to take him for a walk. It worked!



  1. We noticed that our sleep situation was getting worse too after a few weeks home. What ended up being the issue in our case was “stressful situations” during the day (like crowds, meeting a new person, something wildly out of routine happening) were causing Seth to manifest his stress at night…not during the day or the situation. We watched it for a few days and when we started reigning back in on some of our activities that we had felt comfortable doing before (because he seemed to be adjusting so well to everything) we noticed a big difference in his sleep. We slowly eased him back into those situations.

    Just our kid….I have no idea if that would help your D, but it might be worth considering. No sleep = very bad.

  2. Oh, hang in there. I have no advice for you, having not yet been in that situation, but I am learning so much from watching others go through this stuff. Here’s hoping sleep comes back to you very soon!

  3. Glad to hear from you! Sorry about the sleep issues. I’m sure these bloggy mamas will have lots of great advice for you! I hope things get better really soon for you guys.

  4. Oh, poor guy – those photos break my heart!
    I’m with Cori. Limit excitement b/c this could be an attachment phase. On the AMP blog, lots of moms reported, after a few weeks/months home, their kids went through similar grieving. We did too. Just inexplicable crying, inconsolable, always at night. It’s possibly just another step in grieving his losses and figuring out attachment to you guys 🙂 Hang in there, mama!

  5. I’m with Cori and Elizabeth too! We had very little attachment-related issues when we first came home (lots and lots of teething and jet lag though) and then almost three months exactly after coming home we went through a HUGE attachment phase that was similar to this. It lasted about 2-3 weeks (I think) and then we noticed a whole new level of comfort with him and us. I’d say bump up the attachment activities (wearing, games, etc) and see if that helps.

    Hang in there – it’s oh-so-hard, but oh-so-worth-it


  6. Oh, that all makes SO MUCH sense! We have had a lot of activity in the past few days. After hearing from you guys, I’m sure that’s what it is.

    I’ll keep everyone posted. Thank you all!!!!!

  7. Looks like these great blog mamas had good advice for you. I also notice if our D has too much “new” stuff going on…sleep is the first thing to get goofed up. Also, when sleep was getting worse instead of better we stopped co-sleeping and going just with the crib…and that worked in our case…but doesn’t for everyone. Plus…I think your D is in his crib. I hope things calm down for you SOON. Sleep is soooo important.

  8. Oh no!! I feel for you – lack of sleep is so hard on everyone. Best of luck… we still have those nights – like this past Friday…
    Baby Mum Mums are rice husks and babies love them. There are original and vegetable flavours.

  9. oh, catherine. even super grumpy, he’s so darn cute.
    but i know that doesn’t make you feel any better about the sleep situation. we were BLESSED with rubin and i always say that God knew i couldn’t handle one more awful sleeper… neither theo or emmett slept through the night until they were WELL PAST 18 months old. i can tell you what worked for us (and i WILL in a blog post, soon!!) but i know that it is so different and so difficult from family to family. one thing i will say is, even though it might feel like it’s taking forever, it will pass and SOMEDAY you’ll get your sleep back. just in time to have another baby, perhaps??

    hang in there, c. i’m thinking of you.

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