Posted by: CatherineD | November 23, 2009

Weekend in Review

What a busy weekend! On Friday, D got his first haircut. It was starting to grow over his ears, and I was hoping someone could help his crazy faux-hawk.





The woman at Great Clips who cut his hair asked me if she should use the clippers or scissors. I replied, “Whatever you think would be best (assuming that she knows best – she IS the expert, after all).” She chose the clippers, and in hindsight – I should have said scissors. For one thing, I think the clippers really thinned out his hair and made it look sort of military-esque. Also, D was a little squirmy, and the line from the clippers is really jagged. Scissors would have been more forgiving, I think. I didn’t notice this until we got home… I might take him back to get it fixed – OR – I might try to fix it myself (as soon as I typed it, I decided that’s probably a bad idea).

As far as the faux-hawk, I don’t think there’s any fixing it. He has this funny double cowlic (sp?) that is actually really adorable. It causes the hair on top to stick straight up. In these pictures, it was slicked down. I think the stylist used a little gel, but I can usually paste it down with a little bit of water and baby lotion. Or, on days when we’re going for that rebel look, I let it do its wild thing. I keep telling my mom that one day we’ll have some fun and dye it blue.

Saturday, we went to the park. D had fun on the swings, played in the sand a little (but really he just wanted to eat it) and rode this little train that drives around the park. He really was having fun, even though he looks like he’s crying in the pics. His eyes always get watery when we’re outside. The eye doctor explained that this is okay and that he’ll grow out of it (I can’t remember the details of why it happens, just that it’s okay).



After the park, we went to the mall for some quick shopping for mama. The boys were so sweet and patient while I tried on boots. Just as we were leaving, we heard this “Ho Ho Ho” and saw Santa making his way over to the photo area. Although we both hated the thought of seeing Santa before Thanksgiving, there wasn’t anyone in line, so we decided to just do it and get it over with. Daniel just LOVED Santa… he was tugging on his beard (it was real – soooo sorry, Santa!) and having a nice conversation about whether he had been a good boy, and what he wanted for Christmas (you know, the usual topics). It was really cute. The picture turned out cute, but I’ll spare you and wait until at least December to post it!

Grammy and Grampy came over on Sunday for Tamale Sunday. Guess what we ate for lunch? 🙂 We had a fun afternoon with them, and Grampy was so awesome to fix our track lighting in the kitchen. I can see what I’m cooking now! Yaaaay!

The sleep situation is only slightly better. Or, I’m just getting used to functioning on little sleep. B suggested that maybe D is afraid of the dark, so I left a night-light on in his room last night. He got up four times instead of five – hey, I’ll take it!


  1. I love these photos! Especially the ones of Daniel in sunglasses cuz I LOVE babies in sunglasses. I also love his two different facial expressions on the swing 🙂 Can’t wait to see the Santa photos!

  2. Just when I thought he couldn’t get any cuter… that round pudgy face! I wanna squeeze those little cheeks!
    I’m totally jealous of a train that runs around your park. Seriously?! AWESOME.
    And I am 100% in favor of blue hair.

  3. Oh, so many comments spring to mind…

    First – all the photos are adorable!

    Next – Love the new ‘do! Although I also am a huge fan of the “wild look” I need to find my little dude some hair gel cause it’s crazy when he sleeps on it funky. Oh, and blue?! Now you have to do it…

    Third – We did the Santa visit this weekend too! (Intentionally since waiting in line for hours with Spencer was *not* my idea of a good time… we were in and out in twenty minutes on Sunday) As I posted on F@ceb00k… Santa was the highlight of my weekend. Even if it did cost me $10!

    Lastly – oh, the sleep!! As you know, I am familiar with your pain. Just hang in there and sleep when you can. (It is possible to exist on very little sleep – just not enjoyable!) I’m more than happy to send you my phone # if you want someone to vent to, complain to, sympathize with. I get it. Hang in there!!

    • Christine, I would love to chat/commiserate with you about sleep issues. I think you have my email address.

  4. OMG…LOVE the sunglasses!! Does he leave them on for you? Amazing.
    Our D also needs a haircut. His hair has grown over his ears…but I’m sort of nervous to take him for a cut and even more nervous to try to do it myself. Right now I just brush it forward or tuck it behind his ears…but it usually ends up IN his ears. Oh well.
    Great park with train! Cool.
    Sleep…ugh…I’m sorry it is still rough.

    • Janet – his sunglasses have a strap that goes around his head. He can still take them off, but if we keep him distracted, he eventually forgets that they’re on.

  5. We tried cutting X’s hair ourselves and he turned into an instant dweeb with two snips of the scissors. D looks so cute with his new do and I love the idea of blue hair! It’s so great to see pictures of the 3 of you together – such a beautiful family. And what kind of sunglasses are those? X always rips his off.

    • Ha ha!!! I remember that post… his hair didn’t look THAT bad! 🙂

    • Oh, the sunglasses are from They are nice because they have a strap that goes around his head.

  6. Great post! I love the swing shots – esp the second one. The family shots are also beautiful. Can’t wait to see the Santa pics – I am hoping Alex is well enough to go next week – and there is a Comet the reindeer meeting too!

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