Posted by: CatherineD | December 10, 2009

Two Week Re-cap

Oh my… I have quite a bit of catching up to do. In just two weeks, we have had enough excitement for many months!

Here’s a summary –

10 Steps! – On November 22, Daniel took 10 consecutive steps from the couch to Brian! Since then, he teases us by randomly walking from three – 10 steps “when he feels like it.”

Thanksgiving – We spent Thanksgiving at my parents’ house in Peoria (a suburb of Phoenix). My grandmother was there, my sister was in town from San Diego, and my cousin Lori and her family were visiting from Aliso Viejo, Ca.

Playing with Nana

Lifting the drumstick as cousin Miya looks on

Playing with Dana and Miya, my cousin's girls

The whole gang

First Word (in English, anyway) – Daniel was playing with Brian and said Dada… the perfect birthday present…

Brian’s Big 40 – B’s 40th birthday was on Saturday, Nov. 28. We had a small party at our house with family. I meant to do an “official” birthday tribute, but I know you understand, B!!! Love you!

Helping Daddy open presents

This card was for him. He has this cute fascination with cards lately.

Daniel’s 1st Birthday – On Dec. 2, Daniel turned 1. The three of us had celebratory banana muffins with cream cheese frosting (for those of you that are familiar with my past banana bread issues, you’ll be happy to know that the muffins turned out perfectly!).

That Saturday, Dec. 5, we had a party with family. On his Toljabee table were a dictionary (scholar), baseball glove (athlete), Korean won (wealth), spool of thread (long life), thermometer (medicine), harmonica (music), computer mouse (techie) and a spatula (chef). From the items, he chose the paper money first (wealth), the spool of thread next (long life) and finally the thermometer (Dr. Daniel, I presume?).

Giving cousin Logan a kiss

The toljabee table (an upside-down laundry basket covered in a tablecloth)

Going straight for the money

Opening presents. He got the whole gang from Yo Gabba Gabba, his favorite show.

Blowing out the candle (with help from Mommy)

Not sure what to do with this thing.

Birthday silliness

Winding down with Auntie Deb after a long (but fun!) day

Master of the Sippy Cup – Yesterday, December 9, Daniel figured out how to drink from the sippy cup! Such a big boy!

The sleep situation is soooo much better, and I am feeling more rested. He still doesn’t sleep through the night, but there have been many nights of only waking once (which I don’t mind, at this point!). It’s been chilly in Phoenix (high of 58 today), so it’s been hard to get off the couch. During naps yesterday, I snuggled on the couch and watched Lifetime movies in my PJs. Why am I admitting this?

I have a couple new projects that I’m excited to start working on. Our agency has asked me for help with marketing for their Ethiopian and China adoption programs. Also, I’m organizing a playgroup of families on my side of town who have adopted through Dillon.

I’m excited to get caught up with all of my bloggy friends’ lives, too! Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. Wow, what a couple of weeks! I love the mohawk in the first set of photos! Too cute. Happy birthday to both of your boys!

  2. Catherine it’s so great to see an update on your BEAUTIFUL family. I love all the pictures especially the one of the 3 of you. D helping his daddy open presents is pretty cute. For a minute I thought D had on an AC DC shirt, so funny. Glad to hear everything is going so well and it’s so cool that you are organizing a playgroup for families in your area.

  3. Ok, I’m totally calling the blog police on you: there was waaaaay too much cuteness and excitement in this post!!! What huge milestones! And so much fun that you all have had! What a good looking bunch of people. It’s so fun that Daniel is learning so much all at once. And exciting things for you too – sleep and the marketing for your agency…
    I’m sorry, 58 degrees? Our high was 16 today. 😦

    • Oh, okay… compared to 16 – I guess 58 is pretty nice. We think it’s freezing! 🙂 If you ever want to get away from the cold, you can always come visit us in Phoenix!

  4. Wow!! So many fabulous things in this post!! I loved every. single. one. of. them. Mostly the sleep part though… cause you know how I feel about that! 🙂

    So many fabulous pictures! I guess I’ll let you slide about the two week thing with a reward like this! 😉

  5. Oh my! Ummmm…I don’t even know WHERE to start here. I have a feeling I might be back with more than one comment post here…because I don’t think I can possibly remember everything all at once here.

    First, I think our boys are on the exact same developmental schedule. Reading your descriptions of your Baby D make me feel like you are describing MY Baby D. I’m talking steps (our max is 9 so far), sippy cups, fascination with cards/paper,

    Second, AWE CUTE in the Hanbok. Yay for more Tol pictures!!

    Third, Ummm…58 degrees…cold?? WHAT?? Would you like to visit Mpls any time soon? It was actually ZERO degrees this AM when we woke up.

    Fourth, YAY for better sleep for you and Daniel!! We still get up once most night around here too. I’m sort of used to it at this point. We’ve done a few sleep-all-night things…but it is not the norm yet.

    Fifth, Happy 40th to your DH! I’m right behind him. Gulp.

    Sixth, SO MANY CUTE PHOTOS here!!! I’m kind of in overload when it comes to the cute factor right now.

    Seventh, I missed you…so fun to see and read an update! Welcome back!

  6. We’ve missed you Catherine!!! I’m so glad you’re back. And you’ve been a BUSY bee down in AZ. First off, Happy Birthday to Dr. Daniel – you look adorable in your hanbok (seriously, that is a sweet hanbok – never seen the yellow one and I LOVE it!).

    There are so many cute photos in this post – yay! I also love his faux hawk 🙂 Daniel just seems to be doing so well, and getting cuter and cuter by the minute, mama!

    Thank goodness for the sleep improvement – I’m sure that is changing your life. Go Daniel!

    Happy Birthday to Brian too!!! The Big 4-0, wow.

    PS – Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. We are soooo excited about Max!!!

  7. I’m back…told you I would be. I forgot to ask…did you “do up” D’s faux-hawk in those first 3 photos? He looks like the cutest little punk rocker I’ve EVER seen! Love it!

    • Yes, I did “spike” D’s hair a little. He has this crazy double cowlic that he’s going to hate when he’s a teen. Anyway, it pushes his hair up so it sticks straight up in the back. Sometimes, instead of slicking it down, I make it all stand up with a little bit of baby lotion. Since I can’t do bows and headbands, this is how I have a little fun with his do. 🙂

      • Thought so…and LOVE it. Go for it. Too cute!

  8. Busy Busy Busy! Isn’t it fabulous!
    I LOVE the AB/CD shirt! And Daniel saying dada – how perfect!

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