Posted by: CatherineD | December 16, 2009

The Very Sleepy Hamster

Sleepless nights are here again…

I should have learned from Christine’s experience – I think I jinxed it by talking about how much better it was. Lesson learned.

So, I have a funny story about last night. After a couple days and nights of Daniel fighting sleep at all costs and waking every hour during the night, we were understandably exhausted. I was fuzzy about some of what happened next, so I had to ask Brian for his side of the story to piece it all together.

Anyway, it was about midnight and I was awakened by Daniel’s cries through the monitor. This is the part I don’t remember, but Brian said that I bumped him numerous times with my butt to which he replied, “No… you…”

Then, I said, “But it’s YOUR hamster!”

This is where I begin to remember…

Brian asked, “What?” as the cries grew increasingly louder.

I replied, “It’s YOUR hamster!”

“What are you talking about?” The distant cries turning to screams now.

Me, very frustrated now, “IT’S  YOUR  HAMSTER!!!!!!” (I remember thinking something along the lines of “What part of ‘It’s your hamster’ don’t you understand?”)

So, Brian got up, still half-asleep himself. When he got to the door, still confused, he turned and asked again, “It’s my HAMSTER?”

When he came back to bed 20 minutes later, I asked him if I said something about a hamster and we laughed about it. This morning, we laughed about it again. I have no idea what I was dreaming about. I never had a hamster.

My little Korean hamster is walking everywhere now! It’s very cute, and he’s so pleased with himself. As he walks, he holds both hands over his head, shaking them. I’m realizing that we need to do a whole lot more baby-proofing.

Today, he found a new use for his sippy cup while watching his favorite shows. Here are some pics I caught on my phone. (Notice the juice stains on his shirt AND my couch! Nice.)

I know… he’s mesmerized by the TV, but that’s a story for another day.


  1. Is your hamster using his sippy cup as a little stool? OMG, this post is hilarious in every way! Thanks for making me laugh tonight. I needed that.

  2. Oh my goodness. Looks like you have a new nickname for your child…and your child has a new use for his sippy cup. I love it. Maybe your blog should be entitled…”I hear (or smell, if you wish) Hamsters!” This post got my day off to a great start…a good laugh! You ARE one tired Omma. 😉

  3. Oh, that is hysterical!!! But, I sadly understand. I hope the sleep turns around quickly for you!!! (Notice how quiet I’ve been on that topic lately?!)

    And those photos made me laugh out loud. So of course Spencer came over to investigate… and he’s clapping for D now! But if he tries a similar thing with his sippy, I’ll be regretting that. (Right – like we ever use the sippy)

    Hang in there mama!

  4. this is hilarious. the hamster and the sippy cup parts of the story. NOT the no-sleep part. i’m sorry, and i wish i could come and spend a few nights/wake up with him so that you and b could sleep! i also wish i could send you some of our snow…

  5. Oh, look how cute your little hamster is sitting on his sippy! That’s such a cute story – except for the lack-of-sleep part. That part stinks.

  6. Absolutely hysterical! Love that he’s your little hamster now. And the pictures cracked me up.

  7. Oh my goodness. Too funny. I love what sleep deprivation produces in the lines of humor 🙂
    Re: D waking up all the time. I think the moms on the AMP blog will attest to this. You guys seem to be at the point in family life where the kiddo decides to test you. I feel like we all experienced this… Sleep is going well, everyone’s happy, etc. and then suddenly your precious little sleeper is an AWFUL one. Could be teething, grieving, or any other number of things; but in our case it seemed to be a mama and daddy test. Olive just wanted to make SURE we were still there. I’m not advocating for you to let him cry or ignore him unless you feel 100% comfortable doing that, but when we started letting O cry for a little while, the night wakings decreased dramatically. And she was still her smiley little self in the AM.
    Email me if you want more details.
    Oh, and I love the butt-shove method for getting the hubby out of bed. I’ll have to try that one.

  8. That is too funny – I actually just saw the cutest stuffed hamster yesterday at a store – I think you need one 🙂
    And what is with kids sitting on things – Alex likes to sit on his miniature horses. And our dog.
    We’ve had to do the cry it out – for certain cries that is. I agree with E. But it is hard hearing the cries – esp. when you just want to comfort them!

  9. OMG the hamster story is beyond funny. Freud would have a field day. Daniel remains SO adorable!

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