Posted by: CatherineD | December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

Today is gonna be a looong day. I should be showering and getting ready, but I have too many thoughts rattling around in my head that I need to do a quick post.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of our first meeting with our agency. I don’t remember exactly when we decided to pursue adoption, but we had always played with the idea. Six years ago, though, when we got married and discussed family, we were both so excited to be parents and we imagined that we might have both bio and adopted kids. It turns out that having bio kids just wasn’t meant to be, so in 2009, we knew we weren’t getting any younger and and we agreed that it was our time to be parents.

After researching international adoption online (more about why we chose international adoption below), I was impressed by our agency’s website so we set up a meeting. Marsha, our social worker, was so sweet to offer to meet with us on a holiday – a day when she otherwise would not be at work. She made us feel instantly at ease, and by the end of our meeting we were ready to sign up. I remember getting choked up so many times during our meeting, so excited that we might be on the road to being parents. I’m not usually a huggy person (at least not with new acquaintances), but when we left the office I gave Marsha a big, emotional hug.

Why international adoption? This is a question people always ask, and I don’t have one specific reason -I guess it was just a gut feeling. Same for our decision to go with Korea. At the time I was researching adoption online, none of the domestic programs I found seemed right for us. I still don’t know much about domestic adoption, but the online info led me to believe (perhaps incorrectly) that we would have to foster first, and/or that it was difficult to adopt a baby. At the time, I was also afraid of the birth family changing their minds, something that had happened to a couple families close to us (including my parents). In addition, many of the agencies seemed to be affiliated with a specific church or faith – none of which seemed a good fit for us.

Anyway, after meeting with our social worker and learning about the history of the Korean program and its fairly established processes and regulations, we were hooked.

I was on Cloud 9 for the rest of the day. We drove to Tucson and spent New Year’s Eve at Brian’s 90+ year-old great-grandma’s house with family. This is when we announced to everyone that we were going to adopt.

Fast-forward to today: We are again going to Grandma B’s house for her annual New Year’s bash. Umm, I just have to say that this sassy 90+year-old is the ultimate party hostess. For the past few years, it’s been a themed costume party – this year it’s Greek. I’m so excited about our costumes… I will definitely post pics.

Tonight, D will meet some relatives from Ohio for the first time. He always does so great with new people, and he always loves a good party. This will also be our first overnight trip with D. I didn’t think packing would be a big deal, since we’re only staying overnight. Wow, was I wrong. D has his own suitcase, and it’s jammed full of stuff. I will probably have to put more of his stuff in our suitcase, and there’s a whole bag full of food/feeding stuff. I was so overwhelmed when I was packing last night that I had to make a checklist. I think I finally have it under control, but I can’t imagine packing for a few days, or even a week – yikes!

As I look back on our year, I still can’t believe that we are now a family of three. I know that our wait was much shorter than some, and for that I feel so lucky, but at the same time my heart aches for my friends that are still waiting. I wish the process didn’t vary so much from place to place, and I cannot wait for all of my friends to have their families together.

Every day, B and I marvel at OUR SON and how perfect he is for us. Oh, little Daniel… you are so loved.

I have also made some wonderful friends in 2009 – my dear blog buddies. Before this year, I never “got” the whole blog thing, or why people did it. Not only do I get it now, but I can’t imagine not having the friendship and support of all these amazing women.

Happy New Year!

From Our Family To Yours



  1. Catherine this was so wonderful to read. First of all I love that picture of the 3 of you – such a beautiful happy family. Second I cannot wait to see pictures of the Greek party. I can’t believe your 90 year old grandma throws big bashes. Third, isn’t it insane the amount of stuff you need for a one year old?! I couldn’t believe how much I have to pack for X every time we leave the house for an overnight visit. Fourth, I totally agree with you on the blog thing. I just did a post on how amazed I am at the friendships I’ve made online. It’s wonderful.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you for sharing this history with us! Isn’t it amazing how different your life was one year ago?! Have fun at the party – yes, your days of packing light are O-VER. It’s a sad realization…
    And what a beautiful family photo! You all look so happy and healthy!!! But Catherine, you are just *beautiful*!!!

    • Aww shucks. You’re too sweet.

  3. This was so wonderful to read! What a year to look back and reflect upon. And thanks for sharing your journey with us. I agree that in looking back on 2009, one thing that really stands out to me is the blog friends I’ve made. Truly special. Your family is beautiful, Catherine, and I’m so glad we’ve connected this past year. Happy New Year!!

  4. Wow – What a year!!! Amazing!!! Wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful 2010. How in the world are we going to top this year?!

    (And what a wonderful post…)

  5. Happy New Year! Amazing story, glad you shared! Have a great party. 🙂

  6. Catherine:
    Beautiful post from a beautiful friend. I truly hope we have the opportunity to meet some day. I appreciated your reaching out to me via email long before our boys ever came home. So wonderful.

    I didn’t realize the process took less than a year for you. WOW! That is amazing and soooo wonderful. Can’t imagine it being any other way now, right? I totally agree. These babies are matched with us for perfect reasons…each one fits in his/her family so well…and I love seeing each family’s story unfold.

    2009 was amazing for so many of us. 2010 will be amazing too. Happy New Year!

  7. I completely understand this post. Thanks for your explanation. It isn’t always easy to put these types of decisions into words.

    What a beautiful photograph! I’m so jealous of the sunshine you have in your part of the country!

    Have a great time at your party…

  8. Hello Catherine: Scott, Janet, Wesley, Olivia and I are spending New Year’s Day at Uncle Rons and Aunt Margys. Janet and I just read your writings and loved all the pictures of your precious son. Of course, we long for the day when the Riemer great grandchildren can all be together. Bella and Olivia are best of friends.

    Aunt Margaret reads your bloc all the time and tells me what she has seen. Happy New Year! Aunt Alice

    • Happy New Year and lots of love to all the WI folks! I agree, it will be so fun to someday get all of the kids together. Thanks for your post!

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