Posted by: CatherineD | January 3, 2010

Lucky 13

To commemorate 13 months since Daniel’s birth, I’ve come up with a list of 13 things about him:

  1. He has only been home for three months, but it feels like he’s always been with us.
  2. I’m not going to mention sleep stuff… I’ve learned my lesson.
  3. He has been walking for about a month now, and now he’s experimenting with running! Yikes.
  4. He is a total Daddy’s boy… all B has to do is look at him sideways, and he’s giggling and clapping for more.
  5. He weighs about 25.5 pounds.
  6. Because of #5, I think I have strained my right wrist so I’ve been wearing a support.
  7. He is increasingly vocal. He says Dada like crazy (see #4), and he’s constantly babbling and coming up with new sounds.
  8. Give this boy a balloon, and he’s in hog heaven.
  9. He has never met a piece of food he didn’t like (see #5).
  10. He’s mesmerized by all things Yo G@bba G@bba.
  11. He has such a strong, joyful spirit. He’s seemingly fearless (which scares the heck out of me) and a great sense of humor.
  12. He seriously lives every moment to the fullest.
  13. He amazes me every. single. day.


  1. aww… love this.

  2. He is an amazing child. Seriously, he sounds like SUCH a joy to parent. (Give or take the wrist issue 🙂

  3. Great list…cute and to the point…

  4. What a fabulous kiddo!!!

    I love this list!

  5. Yay for lucky 13!

  6. What a sweet post.

  7. Awww! 14 next month?

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