Posted by: CatherineD | January 5, 2010

An Ordinary Day

Today was not a special day… just a plain old, ordinary day. And that makes me happy. Life for our family has been a bit of a whirlwind since the end of September. It seems like as soon as one thing was over, we were planning for the next.

Here’s a timeline of the big things:

9/24 – Travel Call

9/27 – On the plane to Seoul

10/1 – Forever Family Day

10/20 – My Mom’s Birthday

10/25 – Our wedding anniversary and agency’s Chusok celebration

10/31 – Halloween

11/8 – Our niece’s birthday (which we missed because D was sick)

11/14 – B’s Dad’s birthday party

11/26 – Thanksgiving

11/28 – B’s 40th birthday

12/2 – D’s 1st birthday

12/5 – D’s actual party

12/19 – Chanukah celebration

12/25 – Christmas

12/31 – New Year’s Eve Greek Party

1/4 – B went back to work after 1.5 weeks off.  😦

1/5 – Just an ordinary day!

Here are just a few random things about our ordinary day:

  • We met Grammy for a cup of coffee this morning.
  • We took the Greek costumes back to the costume shop. While we were there, D burped (which I didn’t even really notice) and the young girl behind the counter said, “Wow, that sounded really watery.” She looked between 17 and 24 – I know that’s a wide range, but it seems that the older I get, the harder it is to guess kids’/young adults’ ages. I replied with something like, “Yeah, I’m just glad nothing came out,” with a chuckle. I was the only one chuckling. I think we grossed her out. Cool.
  • We stopped at the chiropractor’s office so I could get adjusted. She also adjusted my wrist, and it feels so much better. She suggested some ways to help it heal faster, too. While I was getting adjusted, D played with the doc’s daughter, who is much older than him (I think she said 27 months?), but also much smaller than D. And, I think she is considered tall for her age! I also got to see the doc’s new little boy, who is just a couple months old. Super cute!
  • When we got home from the chiro, D was asleep in his carseat, and I successfully transferred him into his crib, where he slept for another 1.5 hours (yaaay!).
  • After lunch, we took a long-overdue trip to the grocery store. D happily squealed and babbled the whole time. He was pretty good… he only knocked down one can of vegetables. In the check-out line, there was a huge football-player-type guy standing behind us. While I was unloading my cart onto the counter, of course D tried to engage him with lots of smiles, raspberries, and babbles. He also kept pointing to the balloons that were floating overhead. It was obvious that his guy was in no mood to smile or baby-talk. I had a lot of groceries, so I’m sure it must have felt pretty awkward (I’ve been in those anti-social moods before with some stranger’s child staring at me for a very long time and wishing I could crawl under a rock.). So, in an attempt to make it less awkward, I said, “I think he’s trying to talk you into getting a balloon down for him.” The guy fake-smiled and grunted politely, but it was no use. Oh well.
  • We mailed Christmas cards! Finally…

D was super-smiley today and giving some awesome toothy smiles. I tried to get a picture of one, but I kept missing it, or he would have something in front of his mouth. He is a busy little dude. This is the best I could do as I followed him around the house:

Lily waiting for him to come back into the room.

Finally got one!


  1. Aw! That last picture is priceless! I also like the one where Lily is waiting for him to return. It is always so nice to have a plain old laid back day after a few busy months, or in your case, VERY busy months.

    P.S. The burp story cracked me up.

  2. I love ordinary days!

    Uhm, I think he would dwarf Spencer as well… considering we’re not even ON the growth charts over here!

    What a HAPPY lil’ guy!!

  3. How super cute is your little man?! Your timeline totally blew my mind. You all have been SO busy!
    don’t you just love good days like this one? Yay!

  4. THERE’S the toothy grin we were waiting for! D, you are so incredibly cute. And I love your peace t-shirt and rolled jeans, you little hipster.

    Your ordinary day sounded wonderful. As nice as it is to have lots of exciting events and things to celebrate, it sure is nice to just have a day like this. Yay.

  5. They sure are hard to get pictures of…but that last one is gold.

  6. Great photo sequence. I see that toothy grin. Love it!

    I hear you on how busy you’ve felt since September. I’ve felt that way since the end of August. So many events (birthdays, anniversaries) going on in our home plus holidays. Add going back to work in there and it is no wonder I’m completely exhuasted some days.

  7. I love ordinary days, and after that busy schedule, I can see why you loved yours as well. Love all the photos.

  8. Awww… Daniel seems like such a happy little guy!

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