Posted by: CatherineD | January 10, 2010

My New Assistant

Meet my new assistant. When he’s not clinging to my pant legs, he also enjoys unloading the dishwasher and inspecting the refrigerator contents. Interestingly enough, his “help” makes every chore take twice the time, and I keep finding toys in my dishwasher!

But, I guess I’ll keep him anyway. 🙂

Seriously? Don't let this face fool you. I had just put him down for a few minutes to give my poor arms a rest.

Somebody needs a nap.


  1. That second photo is priceless!!!

    (Although all of them are pretty cute…)

    I kind of miss the clinginess now… is that sick.

  2. These pictures are so, so, so cute!

  3. how freaking CUTE is that?! i’m with C – that second photo made me melt.

  4. I LOVE ALL THESE PHOTOS! Oh, D, you may be clingy but you are oh so adorable. You can put toys in my dishwasher any time 🙂

  5. Super cute pics! Colin helps me unload the dishwasher also. So far, nothing found in the there from him but I am sure it will happen soon.

  6. All of the photos are ADORABLE! Xavier used to hang on my legs all. the. time. He’s way more independent now and I sort of miss him hugging and pulling on my legs.

  7. J is not allowed to “help” with the dishwasher anymore, as he broke two of our non-replaceable dishes- a bowl from Luxembourg and a server dish from Poland! Well, I guess they are replaceable if we go back to Europe. 🙂 He gets to sit on the floor across the kitchen and drink from his sippy cup. 🙂 I agree about the other chores taking twice as long though!

  8. I have a major leg attachment here too (known as Little D). I LOVE the arms-wide-open-hug-me photo (great smile!) and I guess those YoGabbaGabba toys were really dirty!

  9. Oh, the one with the grin and the arms wide open is just precious! Love it.

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