Posted by: CatherineD | January 13, 2010

Words (and Pics) Out the Wazoo… On Wednesday

Normally, I look forward to Wordless Wednesdays, knowing that I can whip out one or more cute pics of D and be done with it. I had that same thought today, but I have such a backlog of pictures and events to write about, and D is napping – so I might as well take advantage of this moment and write a bit.

I’ll start with yesterday. It was a gorgeous day (high of 75, I think), and D was in shorts and a t-shirt. We walked across the street to our neighborhood park and played in the grass.

I know that most of the country is in the midst of a very cold winter, with icy roads and sidewalks, snow-packed driveways, fogged-up windows and snow in places that don’t usually see snow. Believe it or not, I would love to have a little of that weather. Just a little, though! I grew up in northern Arizona, where they actually have four seasons. Many people don’t realize that there are parts of Az with mountains, pine trees and snow. I have so many fond memories of snow days, making angels, skiing and sledding in the winter. Especially at Christmas. I LOVE white Christmases. One of my favorite family traditions was going out to get our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving. We would buy a permit to go out and cut down a tree in the surrounding forest. Sometimes it was in the snow. It was fun because these trees were not farmed to be special trees, so we would try to find one that naturally had that “triangle” shape that we treasure in our Christmas trees. Often, we would end up with an odd-shaped one. But, just like Charlie Brown’s tree, once it was decorated, it was perfect.

Here are some pics that show some of the odd-shaped trees we had. It’s also an excuse to admire the oh-so-smooth-70s style of my sister and cousin. I might be in trouble for posting these, but it’s so worth it!


Finding the perfect tree


My sis, me and cousin Lori. Sometimes, like here, it was hard to find a point on the tree to put the topper on!



Deb and me

Anyway, I’m missing the snow and cold right now. It’s true that the grass is always greener – although maybe not in a literal sense in this case. At least today is overcast, so I can put on a scarf, turn up the air conditioning, make hot cocoa and pretend… even though it’s really 74 outside.

Yesterday I also organized D’s room a little. Here are some pics of him playing a few days ago.

I just realized that his PJs are especially appropriate in these photos.

It seems I am always putting books away, only to have them strewn all over the floor again. It was cute the first time, but now not so much. I love the fact that he enjoys books, but many of these books are special to me, and I would hate to have them get torn or chewed on. Mostly, we read board books now anyway. So I moved all of the non-board books into the closet where D can’t reach them.


Ahh, much better


The only organized closet in the house.

Now he can play freely in his room like a proper 13-month-old, and I don’t have to worry about my special books getting ruined.

On Sunday, we went to a friend’s first birthday party in the park. The theme was Yo Gabba Gabba, and my friend C made all of the decorations. She is so crafty. I meant to take pics, but you’ll just have to take my word for it that everything looked awesome. D had fun playing on the swings, running around in the grass and dirt (I even had to take a rock out of his mouth… ugh) and eating birthday cake with blue frosting! Yum! By the end of the day, he was pooped (and extremely dirty). Can you tell?


Playing on the swings with Daddy


More cake, please!


Mmm... blue frosting!





  1. That 3rd pic of D in the grass is precious. His smile in the photo is so cute, it’s like he’s puckering his lips.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I would love to see green grass and 70 degree weather. And children’s toys/books are so much better when they are organized!

  2. Yay! I loved all these photos!
    Thank you for the reminder that wee ones like to chew on books. I think we’ll be in for a big shock when baby #2 arrives, whenever that is…
    And I believe you when you say you want some snow. I’ve always lived in regions with four seasons and think it would feel weird to not experience them all. But what I wouldn’t give for a 75-degree day right now…
    Thanks for sharing the old pix too!!!

  3. Great pics…both old and new!

    I hear ya on the weather. I love having 4 seasons and there is something about a cold, snowy day. Though come March…we’ll be sooo jealous of you.

  4. So many fabulous photos!! I love them all.

    We’ve always talked about moving somewhere warm, but I really don’t think I could do without all four seasons! I think I would end up vacationing in the mountains or something…

    I love the newly organized shelves! That’s a battle we face here on a daily basis. I’m in love with my new LR unit though now. Let’s hope the test of time proves positive too. (It includes containers that S can’t open on his own!)

  5. Love the shelves. Can you come to my house and organize for us?!
    Ah, so jealous of those 75 degree days!

  6. I, too, like four-season weather, but I’ve had just about enough of this winter season by now! 🙂 75 sounds fabulous. But I definitely understand what you mean about wanting four seasons. I’m not sure I would do great without some changes from time to time.

    Great pics, old and new!

  7. Jealous on the weather – we are getting in the plus digits this weekend – should be nice.
    Great job in organizing – but of course within a few hours I’m sure D had it back to it’s original state – boys! Those vintage tree pics rock! And love the glee in D’s face on the swing!!

  8. OK, LOVE those old photos – the fashion kills me everytime 🙂

    Great new photos of D – he’s just adorable. I love him with all the blue frosting! Also, it looks like he’s definitely a typical boy (or toddler, in general) in that he loves to pull books and other stuff off his shelves. It must be a constant battle. When I scrolled down to the very neat bookshelf you had organized after he had destroyed it, by blood pressure literally lowered several points…. sigh.

  9. Cute pics playing in the grass. Warm…ahhh.

    I also had to put ALL the paper books away for now (for a while I think)…board books ONLY for now. He eats them, rips them, and LOVES to crunch the pages of paper books in his fists. Saying stop or no does no good. Bye bye for now.

    We have those same skully PJs here. But…it is too cold to wear them now (too thin). We’re onto thicker PJs plus a sleep sack.

    We spend some time every evening putting things back on shelves or into bins around here. Part of the routine.

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