Posted by: CatherineD | January 21, 2010

New Look

Our blog has a new look… and title. I chose 334 Days of Sunshine because that’s the average number of days of sunshine in Phoenix. And I thought it especially appropriate since Daniel brings so much sunshine into our lives. (awww…)

The blog’s not the only one with a new look. Lily got a haircut yesterday. The poor thing had to be shaved because her fur was so matted. I feel sooooo bad. It took the groomer 2.5 hours to de-matt her last night. I have been showering my little girl with kisses and treats, and I’ve promised her that I would not let that happen again. Bad mommy. Besides looking like a rat, she also refuses to go outside in the cold and rain. I decided to put her Christmas sweater on so she could go out to potty this morning. By the time I caught her and got her suited up, I discovered that she had already left a steaming pile in the hallway. Nice.

She seems to be taking it all in stride, though. She and Daniel have been playing together more.

There’s alsoย one more change that even Brian hasn’t seen yet. Can you spot the differences in these pictures?

Boy, is Brian going to be surprised!


  1. Oh my, I love ALL of the new looks! Love the hair – it looks so cute on you!

    And 334 days of sunshine? I really need to live in a place like that. That’s one of many reasons why Denver is in our future at some point (although they get *only* 300 days of sunshine a year).

    • Kelly – I agree that CO would be the ideal place to live. They seem to have a nice representation (but not too much!) of each season.

  2. OMG, I *love* the new hair!!! You look absolutely fabulous! Let us know what B says!
    And “steaming pile”? Ew.

    • B did a double-take when he walked in the door. Especially since he didn’t even know I had a hair appt today. He likes it. I asked which way he likes it better, and he replied that it looks good both ways (I’ve trained him well, huh?).

      Yep… sadly, the word “steaming” was not an exaggeration.

  3. Wow! What a sharp new haircut. Cute! I’m getting mine cut this wknd (it has been months & MONTHS…far too long). I doubt I’ll go that short…but I’ve had it that short before (even MUCH shorter). Did you take Daniel with you to get your hair cut?

    Love the new name of your blog.
    Love that Daniel & your doggie are becoming more and more friendly with each other. Awe!

    • I didn’t take D with me. My parents babysat, which was a nice break for me!

  4. I love it! Everything really, but I’m mostly referring to your new ‘do. It’s totally adorable. You will have to let us know if it’s true what some people say – that it’s (counterintuitively) more maintenance dealing with short hair than long. I don’t buy it but it’s kept me from chopping mine off ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the new name and photo header on the blog too. I DON’T love the steaming pile. Ick.

    • I’ve had short hair before, and for me it’s much easier than long hair. I can literally get out of the shower, put some product in my hair, comb it (or not) and go. I don’t like hair in my face, so it was always in a ponytail. I got tired of the ponytail look!

      I have to laugh every time someone says ‘steaming pile.’ Might be a catchy title for a blog!

  5. Wow! Love the new hair cut!!! That’s a big change, but so cute. And the name – how sweet.

  6. Going for the dramatic change there! Looks cute. Love your Daniel pic at the top too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Super cute hair!!

  8. AMAZING. The short hair looks great on you and I am sure it will make getting ready in the morning with D a breeze!

  9. I love it all…but your ‘do is by far my favorite change!! It looks adorable on you! I’ve been considering a similar change but I don’t think it will look that cute…

    And soon you will hit the point where dog care and boy care all happen simultaneously. And that is the best!

  10. Love the new looks – both blog and you! I need to change our blog also but time is never available anymore it seems. I may steal yours if you don’t mind and replicate.
    Btw, you are really rubbing that sunshine aren’t you?! Gloomy here on the forecast. Ugh.

    • Actually, I didn’t create the template. It’s called Ocean Mist, and I found it in the WordPress templates.

      Uh, sorry about rubbing the sunshine in. If it makes you feel any better, it has been rainy and overcast here all week. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Wooo! Chop Chop Chop! Looks great!
    And 334 days of sun! Oh man… I need to move.

  12. i love, love, love your new look, catherine! gorgeous. and, i have to agree with b, beautiful either way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. 1. Your haircut is adorable. I am soooo close to making the plunge myself. You have pushed me that much closer. How long did you think about it before getting it cut?

    2. While I loved the former name of your blog too, if I lived someplace with that much sun I would let it be known.

    3. Your little boy gets cuter every time I come back to your website.

    • Ali, I think I have been toying with the idea for a couple months. The last straw was when I was at a birthday party with D, and my hair was down. He was so busy exploring everything that I was constantly bending over – and constantly pushing hair out of my face.

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