Posted by: CatherineD | January 30, 2010

Saturday in the Park, and Other Stuff

I”ve had a yucky sinus infection all week and haven’t felt much like blogging or doing anything except veg on the couch. Poor Daniel watched waaay too much TV this week. And when he tired of the “tube,” he did a great job entertaining himself by running laps around the kitchen island, up and down the hallway and terrorizing poor George. I did manage to take a few pics.

In spite of being scratched and bitten a few times, D still insists on “playing” with our resident sassy-cat. Each time George paws at him, D smiles big and “waves” back. We are constantly saying, “Daniel, the kitty doesn’t want to play.”

Look Mommy, he's waving at me!

Read me a story, kitty!

I decided to break out the beautiful blocks Auntie Deb gave D for Christmas.

These have got to be the coolest blocks I've ever seen.

My creation, pre-demolition.

I wonder what this tastes like?

Whadya mean I can't eat the blocks?

I don't like all these stinkin rules!

I'm off on my next adventure!

Today I’m feeling much better; just dealing with a lingering (and annoying) cough. We went to IHOP for brunch, then to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather (I promise, I really don’t mean to rub it in!).

My wild and crazy guy

We used the timer to take this one. It's amazing that he's looking at the camera!

This one cracks me up

Here we come! (I just realized that it looks like a dead bird on the ground, but it's just some tree bark.)


  1. Guess what Catherine! Your two Wisconsin Aunts are together for whe weekend, and of course we looked at the pictures of your beautiful son. Aunt Margy is much more faithful in checking in than I am, but she keeps me posted. We went shopping again and hit all the “high spots” in Rapids, Stevens Point and Rudolph (this is where we always buy cheese.) Also went to a great wearable art show yesterday that Margy organized here for an organization she is a part of. We know the artist and it was wonderful.

    Margy said to tell you she loves the new hair “do”. Tell your parents hello for us too. Love: Aunt Alice and Aunt Margy. P.S. We love your comments under the pictures.
    They make your blog.

  2. Looks like a great time at the park. I love that last one of your two guys in the tree! Hope you’re feeling better soon…

  3. So many fun pictures! I love that first one where the cat is “waving” at him. And the one where D wants him to read Peek-A-Who – that was X’s favorite book when he first came home. The pic of him running in his pj’s with the grin is adorable. All of the park pictures are beautiful – I know you weren’t trying to rub it in, but I am SO JEALOUS of your weather right now. Glad to hear that wasn’t a dead bird, ha!

    And those blocks are awesome. I love all the Haba toys

  4. Great photos! Love the one of him towering above the camera! And I hate to be the one to break it to you, but being a bit of a cat “expert” I will… the look on kitty’s face? TOTALLY NOT DIGGING the baby.
    But it cracks me up that both D and my O love getting ‘scratched’ by kitties. Weirdo kids.
    Ooh, and those blocks are awesome!

    • Elizabeth – You’re so right, George is a TOTAL bad-ass and very inconvenienced by our little bundle of joy. B had him when I first moved in, and we (G and I) absolutely hated each other. He used to hiss, bite and scratch me all the time, and I actually had a horrible nightmare about him attacking me once! I don’t know what happened, but eventually we grew fond of each other. The same thing happened when we brought Lily home (and now they get along), so I’m hoping that D and G can learn to coexist together (with very close supervision from us, of course!). Luckily, G has a few hiding places where he can escape from D.

  5. Soooo many “goodies” in this post!
    1. That does look like one sassy cat there. Yikes. Watch out Daniel.
    2. We have that “Peek-A-Who?” book (it was a gift). D luuuvs it. I think it is totally cute too.
    3. Those blocks are lovely. Your creation is beautiful.
    4. Ummm…I’m totally digging the PEACE PJs…where did you find those?
    5. Playing outside in shorts & t-shirts in January??? Holy warmness. I think next winter we need to vacation in Phoenix.
    6. I also smiled HUGE at the one where D is towering over the camera. Ah-gee!!
    7. Lovely family shot & cute series of photos of D with your DH.
    8. Last, but not least…I hope you are feeling better!!

    • Janet, the PJs are from Children’s Place. And, we would love it if you came to Phoenix!

  6. How can you stand not pinching those cheeks 24/7!? Love these photos.

  7. Oh my gosh. Really. He just gets cuter every day doesn’t he?! I cannot stand it. I have too many things I love in this post so I will just say I LOVE IT ALL!!!

    Hope you are one hundred percent SOON!

  8. Love all the pics. Hope your lingering sickness goes away soon. I had a sinus infection week before last too. It was a major pain (literally!)

  9. Love these photos! I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well but you clearly still have your photog’s eye for capturing D at his cutest. I’m a little worried about the cat sitch (since we have a bit of a sassy one here ….) but D seems to hold his own just fine. Not scared, that little boy of yours!

    I recognized the Peek-A-Who Book too – Kris gave me that book because it made X giggle. I love that D wants the kitty to read it to him 🙂

    Loving, loving the photos of D and your DH in the tree. Adorable!

    • Kelly, I was really worried about how George would react to Daniel, too, and for awhile I wouldn’t let D anywhere near the cat. However, it hasn’t been as bad as I expected. The fact that D is so fearless is what worries me now! I imagine him getting into some extreme sport like bungee-jumping one day…

  10. That pic with Daniel giving the book to George is priceless!!
    I also love all the daddy pics, but especially the one where he’s holding him and he’s a bit out of focus.

  11. Are you sure that isn’t a dead bird?
    Great pics! I’m in a blogging slump too – hope to get back into it soon!

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