Posted by: CatherineD | February 19, 2010


Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. So many great ideas.  Even those of you who didn’t have advice – knowing that I’m not alone helps so much! We had our first play-date today, and we are planning more!

I have a funny story to share from today. I ran into my ex-boyfriend, whom I haven’t seen in 6+ years. The funny part is WHERE I ran into him.

Rewind a bit. This afternoon, I took D to Daddy’s work, since some of B’s co-workers have been asking to see him. Once we got there, I dropped off the diaper bag in B’s office, and B took us around to visit various people in cubicles, offices and conference rooms. As usual, D was our little social butterfly. He even bowed to a few people – something he has recently started doing. More about the bowing later. It’s so cute.

As we made our way back around to B’s office, we came across a small group of people – some who had seen D and were excited to see him again. Of course, there was all kinds of fussing and giggling over our cute little Korean guy as he toddled down the hall. Everyone had their eyes on D, including me. I was the one, after all, who had to steer him away from the people who were actually trying to get work done. When D stopped to entertain this small group of people, I had a chance to look away from him for a moment and actually look at his audience.

There, standing directly in front of me was my ex. I wish someone had video of that moment, because I don’t really remember what I said (according to B, it was “Oh my gosh!”), but I remember being shocked. I think I said something like, “Hi… do you work here?” As I asked, I noticed his name on a plaque hanging on the cubicle wall, just three steps from B’s office door! I hugged him, and I’m pretty sure I said “Oh my gosh” many more times.

At one point, I said to B – “Do you remember X?” The two of them had met on a few occasions after B and I started dating, but I guess neither of them had recognized the other.

“Oh, yeah – how’s it going?” and they shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

Remember, there is still a small group of people gathered. I hope someone was watching D because I’m guessing that everyone’s focus was on us.

Brian said with a smile, “I bet everyone’s wondering how you know each other.”

So I said, “X and I used to date – in fact, we used to live together.” (Not sure why I felt the need to add the last part, but I’m sure it added fuel to the office gossip machine.)

The best part was when one of B’s coworkers said, “AWKWARD!”

Everyone laughed, as she had said what the rest of us were all thinking. I am so glad she said that, because it definitely relieved some of the nervous tension in the room. After that, D went back to entertaining his fans, some people went back to work, B went into his office to finish up a report and I was able to quickly catch up with X.

Albeit slightly awkward, it was nice to see him again and to see pictures of his adorable children and beautiful wife. Our break-up was drama-free and mutually agreed-upon (could I use any more hyphens?). He is a nice guy… we just got to the point where we realized that we weren’t a good fit. I’m happy to know that things seem to be going well for him.

Anyway, I can’t stop thinking about how random it is that he happens to sit right in front of B’s office.  It’s a really big department within an even bigger corporation, and of all the places… Isn’t life funny?

I can’t end the post without a cute picture…


  1. Totally awkward. Totally hilarious. And totally something I’m sure most of us can sympathize with!
    And don’t apologize for hyphen use, lady. It gets the job done.
    Love the photo of your little man in his baggy plaid pants!

  2. Oh my gosh is right! That’s hilarious… and awkward indeed. I’m glad it was a good break-up and not a bad one! And D is so cute in his b-ball get-up! (Some more hyphens for you.)

  3. Crazy! And so funny! Thanks for adding a cute picture of D.

  4. No WAY! That is so random. What are the odds? I hope B is not his boss or anything! Awkward indeed, but you guys sounded very mature about the whole thing. Just funny. Cute photo of Daniel playing basketball wearing an adorable little outfit.

  5. Awkward is right…but ah, the pleasure of your hubby and son right there add to the mix. Nice!
    Love the outfit!

  6. Awkward indeed! Funny though – I’ve always wondered how it would be to run into my x with A… It has been almost 10 years since I saw him!

  7. Oh My Gosh! I’m feeling that pit in my stomach while reading this post. Glad it wasn’t terrible.

  8. That was a [much-needed] HYSTERICAL story! After I got over all the nervousness I was having on your behalf…

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