Posted by: CatherineD | February 25, 2010


It’s 2:45 a.m., I’m wide awake – and I’m NOT happy about it. I heard Daniel crying on the monitor at 12:20, so I got up and went to his room. It’s not a gigantic house, but his room is on the opposite end from ours. By the time I got to his door, the crying had stopped. I waited a while, listening, and nothing. I went back to our room and turned up the volume on the monitor. Peaceful sleeping baby breathing. Good. Back to sleep. Right.

Around 12:40, Lily started whining to go outside. Grrr… I let her outside and waited around. She took forever! Finally, I saw her little head appear through the glass door. Okay. Good. Back to sleep.

At 1:30, Lily began whining again. I tried to ignore her, hoping she would stop, but it just got louder and more incessant. Let her out again, and this time I went out to see what she was doing. Just sniffing. And sniffing. And sniffing. And exploring. Grrr… I had to go back inside and wait, as it was a frigid 58 degrees (can’t wait to hear what the Midwesterners say to that!). Again, she was outside  I suspect that she was eating grass because of an upset stomach. As I’ve been sitting here on the computer, her little stomach has been gurgling. I’ve been up for awhile now. I should probably try (again) to get some sleep.

Quickly, though, I wanted to publicly thank my parents and grandma for helping me this week. I woke up Tuesday morning with terrible lower back pain, which made it difficult to walk and even more difficult to carry my 26-pound bundle o’ joy. Not only did they come over Tuesday and Wednesday to take care of Daniel, but they brought lunch over and my mom cooked dinner for us both nights. And, they’re coming over again today! Thanks to their generosity, I’ve been able to rest my back, and I’m feeling so much better. And, D has been loving all of the special attention. I am a lucky gal.

Here’s a recent pic of the main reason I’m awake tonight…


  1. Lily is so cute! 😀
    But the sleep(less) tale advises me against getting a pet…

  2. Oh man, how frustrating! Sorry you couldn’t get back to sleep. I guess it’s a good thing that Lily is cute!

    And yeah, it’s only 20 degrees here. I’d love for it to be 58!

  3. Bummer you had a rough night. Thank God for help! Yay parents.

  4. Yay for helpful family!
    Boo for up at night – there must have been something in the air last night b/c I was awake around 2am too. Weird…

  5. Wow. That’s so nice they were able to help you so much. Nothing better for back pain than rest! Lily is so cute! I’m sure she wasn’t too cute at 2:00 in the morning though!

  6. Oh, Lily! You know I can relate on this one. That sounds like something my dogs would do in the middle of the night, and then of course throw up. Gotta love ’em, though (most of the time).

    I’m glad you were able to rest your back – that is so important to do. And I’m SO glad you had some great assistance! My recent medical emergency has me really thinking about what we’ll do if a situation like that ever arises and we have a little one at home. I would have been totally incapable of caring for a child. Yikes.

  7. Oh, I so feel your pain on this one. Spencer and Roxy quite often “tag team” me and it makes me SO mad! (I know they can’t help it… but still)

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