Posted by: CatherineD | February 26, 2010

Giri Giri

[Pronounced: giddy giddy]

When my grandmother saw Daniel for the first time, she commented on the fact that he has two giri giri. Grandma is Japanese, but she was born and raised in Hawaii. Sometimes, I don’t know if the words she uses are Japanese or Pidgin-English (what the locals speak in Hawaii), or a mix of the two. I just did a little research on giri giri, and it seems to be a Pidgin word for cowlick. Apparently, when someone has two giri giris, it means they will be a bit on the naughty side. Uh oh. Here’s one of the links I found.

And, this belief is not limited to the Hawaiian culture. When a Mexican friend saw his double cowlick, she also said this meant that he would be a handful. If you’re interested, do a google search on double cowlick and see what comes up! I’m amazed at all the pages on the topic.

Check out this double giri giri… This is how his hair looked when he woke up Tuesday morning. No hair products! Just a combo of the rascally giri giris, damp hair, and the way he slept I guess.


  1. You’ve got great hair, D! I hope you don’t give your mama too much trouble…

  2. Haha. Great hair shots! Love the faux ‘hawk.

  3. That is seriously an awesome hair style! I really hope he’s not too naughty!

  4. Those are some *serious* cowlicks! Does that mean he’s going to be extra naughty? 😉

  5. Oh, that’s awesome! Love these photos of D’s multiple cowlicks! Also, I love that more than one culture thinks this spells trouble …. Giri giri!

  6. Great photo’s of D’s cowlicks! He is going to keep you busy;-)

  7. Giri Giri, indeed! Daniel, even if you are a handful…or trouble…you are seriously CUTE, which should get you out of most of the trouble you find yourself in anyway. LOVE that your grandma said he was Giri Giri right away. My grandma said Little D was “solid.” I think I like your word better. 😉

  8. BTW…love his “Sup?” shirt too. I noticed that just now…funny!

    Chris’ grandma & several relatives (Chinese, but born/raised in Jamaica) had/have a pidgin I’m finally understanding…at least most of the time. But…there are words I’ve never heard anywhere else. So interesting. I love language stuff.

  9. Oh boy…. Mama, you may be in trouble!

    (Love the last photo as well…)

  10. Awesome hair!

  11. LOVE the picture Daniel’s hair — that is outstanding.

    I lived and taught in Japan for 2 years. I feel like I used “giri-giri” to describe a group of wound-up kids…would that be in the right context?

    I also have a friend who adopted from the Philippines whose son has two cowlicks. She says Filipinos who meet her son immediately comment that this means he is going to be a handful.

  12. hee!! love it. too cute and so stylish. he’s got the faux-hawk down!

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