Posted by: CatherineD | February 27, 2010

New Friends and a Divot

Today was such a fun day, and one that I’ve been looking forward to for awhile. We had our first playgroup meeting at our house. The group is made up of adoptive Korean families who went through our agency. Due to illness, a couple families had to cancel, but we had a blast with three active little boys. One little guy is just a month older than Daniel, and the other is two years old. It was fun to see what new things D may be doing in a month as well as a year from now. They all played so nicely. I can’t wait to get together again!

Hooray for new friends!

I didn't realize how hard it would be to get three little boys to sit still!

After our new friends left, D was ready for a nap and slept for a good hour. Then, Brian talked me into going golfing. With my bad back. With the stroller. In hindsight, it wasn’t the best idea for a sore back, but I have to admit it was fun. B played a little 9-hole course while we walked along with him.

Look at that form! Just like the pros.

Hey batter, batter...

Found a cool stick that doubled as a steering wheel!

Isn't there an opening for a young golf role model?

First divot!


  1. Who is the cutest kid ever . . . ?!

  2. Looks like a fun play date! I love the picture of D holding the golf club! He does look like a young golf role model:-)

  3. Yay for a great playdate! And I love that you found a way to golf as a family. I bet D will be learning as soon as he can!

  4. The boys are so cute together! And the golfing pictures are great.

  5. New friends are awesome and what cuties! Love Daniel in the bright orange shirt with the golf club! (And your form looks good to me!)

  6. Loved seeing those boys all lined up in the chairs at the table. VERY cute. Sosunds like a fun play date.

    I like Daniel’s shoes…very golf-like (like saddle shoes). Nice golfing form folks…your hubby’s perfectly pointed back toe…nice!

  7. First, I love that you have a group of kiddies to hang out with. Second, I love the first divot – being a golf lover. Also, that shirt and shorts are from the Gap and I have been eyeing them up. Thanks for being a BabyGap model.

  8. Great photos, awesome playdate, and sooooo jealous of your weather!

  9. Fun playdate!!
    I love to see the golf pics, because I know my DH is dying to take G on the course this summer. Seeing other photos gives me the confidence!

  10. Oh yeah – group shots are not easy! But they are always fun to look at!
    I love that D also has cool golfing shorts!

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