Posted by: CatherineD | February 28, 2010

Little Lasso: Two Giveaways

I have been thinking of doing a giveaway for awhile, but I couldn’t figure out what to give away. Then it hit me – a Little Lasso!

Brian connected with an old college friend shortly before (or after – I can’t remember) we brought Daniel home. When she heard about D, she sent us two Little Lassos, these awesome little things she created that you can use to secure toys, sippy cups, bottles, etc. and keep them from being dropped or thrown on the ground. I use them ALL the time.

I always have one connected to his sippy cup, and I transfer it from carseat to stroller to high chair. Then, I attach the other one to a favorite toy to keep him busy in restaurants or while I’m shopping. I could go on and on about how much I love these cute little things.

Anyway, I was just on their site at The Little Lasso buying one for an upcoming one-year-old birthday party, and I decided to buy another one to use as a giveaway.

Drawing #1: Coincidently, I found out that they are also doing a giveaway on their Facebook page ( If you become a Fan, then click “Like” on their status, you will automatically be entered to win. Their giveaway ends tomorrow, so hurry!

Drawing #2: Here are the details of My Giveaway: I’m copying the format of some other giveaways I’ve seen. Just leave a comment on this post with a question. It can be about Daniel, me, adoption, whatever. Anyone can enter, but your comment must be submitted by 12 midnight MST (that gives the time zones east of Az some extra time) on Friday, March 12. I’ll try to get video of D drawing the name of the winner and post the winner’s name over the weekend.

Then, I will work on answering all of the questions and post the answers as soon as I can.

Here are pics of D using his Little Lasso yesterday.


  1. OK, those lassos look seriously cool. I cannot tell you how much I hate picking up sippy cups that are tossed from the high chair about 100 times per meal. Perfect. YAY for this give-away!

    What is the one thing you miss most about being pre-kiddo? For me…it revolves around relaxed meals (especially dinners) and the feeling like I’m not rushed all the time. Now I feel like I rush everywhere (to work, to daycare, to get home, etc…).

  2. Giddy-up!
    I’m a little late to your blog. But since you were talking about this recently…what did you do (as in your job) before you stayed home?

  3. Oh, that looks like an awesome thing to have! Let’s see… Do you think D will be a big brother someday?

  4. How cute are those?! I’m going to ask you the same question you asked me… where do you like to shop for baby clothes?!

  5. When I first started reading your post, the first thing that came to mind was a cowboy lasso:-) My question is about Lily. How did you get her to adjust to D? I am worried that Pepper is going to have a hard time adjusting to Kyle.

  6. Those look great! Let’s see – my question is: Are you going to start watching K-dramas like the rest of us or WHAT?! Hee hee.

  7. What a cool product!
    My Question:
    How did you and your hubby meet?

  8. […] subject, there’s still time to enter my drawing for a Little Lasso. Just post a question on my last post. So far, there are only seven questions! I’m ready to bare my soul (within reason), so bring […]

  9. Have you gotten any strange adoption questions since D has been home? I often get nosy questions about X at the grocery store.

  10. I’m totally stuck on a question, but wouldn’t mind one of those lasso things in girly colors for our second little one. hmmmmmmm……
    Did you consider any other names besides what you ended up with for D?

  11. so glad i checked in on you tonight! not too late to enter! i always have a ton of questions. let’s see… if you had 24 hours completely to yourself… no hubs, no babes… what would you do? what would you eat? what would you wear? etc…

  12. […] There’s one more day to enter this drawing! […]

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