Posted by: CatherineD | March 9, 2010

Tinkle Tinkle, Little Star

This post was going to be about the four different meanings of the word “squash” (yes, according to Brian there ARE four!), but there has been a VERY EXCITING development in our household tonight.

Daniel used his potty for the first time ever! No, we hadn’t planned to begin potty-training yet, and no – I haven’t read up on the “how-tos” yet, but…

Tonight’s event was the culmination of four [less significant] separate events:

  1. Early on, we realized that we had to keep D’s diaper on until the moment we put him in the tub. Otherwise, he would pee on the floor.
  2. My Grandma saw D get “the shivers” once, and she laughed and said that he peed. I guess you obtain this type of knowledge when you raise three boys.
  3. During his regular bathtime duty, Brian noticed that D shivers every time he turns on the bathtub faucet.
  4. I read in a parenting magazine that you should put the potty in the bathroom at an early age, so I did. Whenever I had to go, I would bring D with me and say, “Mommy has to go potty.” If he ever showed interest in his potty, I would just say, “That’s Daniel’s potty. That’s YOUR potty.”

Hmmm… so, I don’t remember whose idea it was (I think Brian’s), but we thought – hey, why not put him on the potty while Daddy got the bath water ready? Tonight was the first time, so I grabbed a book and put a naked Daniel on his potty (which, up until tonight was just this white thing sitting on the bathroom floor that was fun to take apart, throw around, use as a hat…) while B turned on the faucet.

I was so surprised that D seemed comfortable just sitting there. I was expecting to have to entertain him with singing, reading and being goofy, all the while coaxing him to stay seated. He just watched the faucet as the tub began to fill with water. I didn’t have to read to him or hold him still.

As B and I closely watched and waited, D got “the shivers!” Then… Nothing. I started to say, “Okay, so maybe it doesn’t mean that he’s peeing every time he shivers,” when B interrupted me, pointing and saying, “Look!”

I followed B’s gaze, and there it was. [Cue angels singing]. A steady golden stream cascading into the white, Baby Bjorn throne. We didn’t want to get too excited (and scare him), but we both quietly and proudly said things like, “Good boy,” “Good potty,” “What a big boy!”

Now, while I am still ridiculously excited about this new development, I know that [actual] potty training probably will not be that easy. But I’m interested to see what happens tomorrow. I wonder if D will look at his potty in a whole different way?

On a completely different subject, there’s still time to enter my drawing for a Little Lasso. Just post a question on my last post. So far, there are only seven questions! I’m ready to bare my soul (within reason), so bring it on!


  1. I was CRACKING UP over the “golden stream”. And, frankly, the title of your post. You’re funny, my friend.
    And yahoo for potty use!!! We always figured that any time O went on the potty was one fewer diaper to wash later. We mamas take what we can get…

    • Elizabeth – coming from you, this is the ultimate compliment. Your witty descriptions of Olive’s adventures always have me laughing.

  2. Yeah! D used the potty! Love the title of this post:-)

  3. Yippee!! Spencer uses the potty a lot of nights before tubby too… isn’t it awesome?! Before, he’d actually pee *in* the tub… which always grossed me out. That’s too funny about the shivers… I never knew that! (And it doesn’t happen here I don’t think, but I will be paying closer attention)

  4. Our Little D also always pees on the bathroom floor if we don’t leave his diaper on while we get his bath ready & remove it at the last second. Sounds like maybe we need to buy a pottie over here (we don’t even have one yet). I know he pees in the tub too…gets “this look” on his face…boys!

    • Christine and Janet – I have always figured that D was peeing in the bathtub, but I can’t tell if/when it’s happening. One of my friends told me, “Oh, you will definitely know.” I have no idea what that meant.

  5. Holy cow, that’s awesome! We have a potty here too and X knows what it is for, but we have yet to make anything happen in it. I might try this trick before bath time since we have had a few puddles on the floor….and also because I’ve see him “shiver!” Ha!

  6. “Tinkle tinkle” and “golden stream” – I love it! Way to go, D!

  7. Woo Hoo!! Big boy D!
    That is funny – we sat Alex on his potty for the first time on the weekend – he didn’t go, but he liked sitting on it – that’s a good start I think.

  8. Hey! I had to tell you. I tried this with X tonight. I took his diaper off, told him to stay on the potty, turned the tub on, and voila! He peed!!!! Thanks for the tip 🙂

  9. please send d north to help emmett AND rubin figure out the loo. i am so tired of having TWO in diapers, and emmett is just NOT getting it!!

  10. Your story is so funny, Catherine – especially the way you told it 🙂 And clearly there is some commonality between some of D’s little counterparts. Hee hee. Go Daniel!!

    PS – FOUR meanings of squash? I’m dying to know…

  11. Way to go D! We don’t even have a little potty in the house…maybe I should get one?
    My friend told me about the shivers…and she’s totally right!

  12. That is awesome!!! You know there is a whole potty training theory that is based on reading your baby’s cues and I guess the hard part if learning exactly what those cues are. Your grandma is very wise!! and you are a lucky mama!!

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