Posted by: CatherineD | March 11, 2010


As I mentioned in my last post, Brian came up with a fourth definition for the word “squash.”

Tuesday night, Brian, Daniel and I were sitting in a Mexican restaurant in Tempe. We were both cutting up smaller pieces of our food for Daniel to eat. As Brian was giving him small bites of yellow squash, he said, “This is squash.”

Daniel starting banging on the table as if he were “squashing” something.

We both laughed and Brian said, “No, not THAT kind of squash!” He went on to ask me, “Do you know the three different meanings for squash?”

I answered, “Yep. Squash, the vegetable; squash, the sport; and squash, the verb.”

Brian seemed disappointed that he didn’t stump me. Suddenly his eyes opened wide and his eyebrows raised as if he just remembered something and asked, (trying to keep a serious face), “Did you forget Sasquash?”

Ummm, we both burst out laughing, and I was so totally impressed that I had to congratulate B on “a good one.” It still makes me giggle to think about it.

Squash: 1. a vegetable; 2. the sport; 3. the verb like squish; 4. a hairy man-ape that lives deep in the woods.

I know, we are total nerds. When Daniel’s a little older, he’ll be laughing along with us. When he’s a teenager, he’ll be cringing in embarrassment.

I’m feeling brave tonight, so here’s a super-nerdy shot of us rocking out in Mexico a few years ago. The nerdiest thing about this pic? We set the timer and took this. of. ourselves. Alcohol may or may not have been involved.

There’s one more day to enter this drawing!


  1. Hee hee. Love the “nerdiness” of setting the timer and then dancing for heaven-only-knows-how-long until the camera took the shot. I’m gonna go with… alcohol WAS involved. 🙂
    And I hate to burst your bubble, Brian, but it’s actually spelled “Sasquatch” so *technically* not squash. But maybe alcohol was involved in this slice of life too?

  2. My husband also loves to try to stump me with “Do you know why….” questions.

    Love the “rocking out” picture! I am with Elizabeth, I think there was some alcohol involved:)

  3. Love the pic! Thanks for admitting the timer too. Fun game with Squash. I bet you could find other words to do that with.

  4. That picture is hysterical! I love it. And thanks for sharing your little game about squash. You two crack me up.

  5. Yeah, I’m with Elizabeth on the Sasquatch. But, yay for Brian and his creativity on the spot! That conversation sounds like something my husband and I would have, so I *love* it!

  6. This post has me cracking up… love every single part of it!

  7. Uhh… I think alcohol WAS involved in that shot. You guys are too funny!

  8. Great definition/explanation…and even GREATER picture. Ummm, yes…if it was Mexico…I’m thinking tequilla was involved…most definitely.

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