Posted by: CatherineD | March 14, 2010

The Winner Is…

And the winner of the Little Lasso Giveaway is (Drumroll Please)…

Congrats, Joanna! I will get in touch with you to get your mailing info.

I’ve gotten a lot of great questions, and I hope to post the answers very soon!


  1. Woo hoo!!! Thanks Daniel (and you too)!

  2. I realized I don’t have your email address. Can you email me at and I’ll reply back?
    Thanks again

  3. Yay for Joanna!

    Spencer loved this video…

  4. OK – I think we’ve watched this like 37 times now…

    • Oh, Christine and Spencer! Didn’t I mention the one view per person rule? How embarrassing. I wanted to edit out that part where Brian zooms in on my cheesy smile for what seems an ETERNITY, but I was too lazy to do it. I have to admit, the parts with Daniel are pretty cute, though. Just know that I’m NOT that dorky in real life!

  5. Congrats to Joanna! I liked that you used eggs – very clever.

  6. So cute with the Easter eggs!

  7. Congratulations Joanna!!!

  8. YAY JOANNA! I think she is becoming our big winner now…at least 2 so far, right?

    Daniel: So fun to see AND HEAR you in action.

    LOVE that you used Easter eggs to put the names inside.

    Guess I’ll have to actually BUY a lasso now that I didn’t win…we picked up our sippy cup at least 5 times on the most recent walk as it was tossed out the stroller.

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