Posted by: CatherineD | March 23, 2010

Finally, some answers #1

Here are answers to the first five questions that were asked during the giveaway. This was so much fun!

Janet asked: What is the one thing you miss most about being pre-kiddo? For me…it revolves around relaxed meals (especially dinners) and the feeling like I’m not rushed all the time. Now I feel like I rush everywhere (to work, to daycare, to get home, etc…).

Well now that I’m getting decent sleep (hope I didn’t jinx it), I guess I miss the spontaneity that Brian and I once had. We were always taking drives, going to movies, out to dinner, happy hour with friends, shopping. We still try not to be TOO rigid with the schedule, but our first priority now is to make sure D is getting enough beauty sleep. And sometimes it just seems easier to stay home than to pack the diaper bag, load up the kiddo and hope for a good mood (although we are pretty lucky that he is a mostly happy little guy).

Joanna asked: I’m a little late to your blog. But since you were talking about this recently…what did you do (as in your job) before you stayed home?

Although I graduated with a bachelor’s in vocal music performance, I somehow stumbled into marketing – and liked it! First with a private university, then healthcare, then with a science museum and back to health care in a hospital setting. Since we’ve been planning a family for a few years, my last job was part time, sort of practice for my current stay-at-home gig.

Kelly asked: Do you think D will be a big brother someday?

Yes! Brian and I both want more kid(s), but we’re not sure what route we’ll take yet. Or when.

Christine asked: I’m going to ask you the same question you asked me… where do you like to shop for baby clothes?!

As you know, Christine, shopping is one of my favorite pastimes! However, with only one income and an extra body to feed, my spending habits have changed quite a bit. But, since you’re asking where I LIKE to shop, here is a list of where I window-shop online. Most of D’s clothes, in reality though, are gifts, hand-me-downs or from Targ*t, Old N*vy, or Babies*Us sales.

Where I window-shop: Baby G*p, Spunky Sprout, Babesta, Uncommonly Cute, RedSparks, Chasing Fireflies, Crazy 8. I haven’t “shopped” in awhile. Looking at all these bookmarks makes me want to do some shopping after I post this!

Kimberly (who is currently in Seoul to bring her little boy home!) asked: My question is about Lily. How did you get her to adjust to D? I am worried that Pepper is going to have a hard time adjusting to Kyle.

I was also worried about how both Lily and George (the cat) would adjust. Lily was our baby and totally spoiled, while George is just a sassy cat. We have been pleasantly surprised by both pets.

Lily was at my parents’ house when we first came home. I think it was important for D to already be in the house (HER house) when she walked in. When she met him, she was just really curious, barked a lot and sniffed a lot. We have tried to teach D to respect the animals from the get-go, but at this age, he is a rough-and-tumble little boy and often pulls tails and hits before we have a chance to grab him. Amazingly, both animals have been gentle with him so far.

Lily has given a few warning growls and barks as well as mouthing his hands (if he is hurting her – which is understandable!), but that is the extent of it. She is extremely tolerant and gentle with him. They even play together now, which is really cute.

George has given warning swats and scratched him a couple times, but nothing major (knock on wood). I know that George could send D to the emergency room if he wanted to, and I’m astounded (yet very thankful) that he’s also been so tolerant. We watch George closely, as I’m guessing he is planning his revenge for one day when D is older.


  1. The loss of spontaneity is the thing we will have to adjust to the most. We have had ten years of just doing what we want, when we want! I imagine it’s a huge adjustment.

    Fun to read this post! I love the tips on the pets in particular. I often wonder how our dogs will do, Rocky in particular (since he has been my first baby for 9 years now).

  2. Love this list! Thanks for baring your soul.

  3. Thanks so much for your mention of Uncommonly Cute! It looks like you have a sweet little cutie. Congratulations on adopting him. Send me an email and we will let you choose a shirt to fit his personality (as a gift on us). Blessings to you and your family…

  4. Thank you for the great advice! We won’t be bringing Pepper home for a day after Kyle is home so hopefully it will help with the transition:)

  5. I’m in big trouble now… or shall I say, my wallet is!?

  6. Loved reading this. Thank you!

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