Posted by: CatherineD | March 26, 2010

Two Giant Creatures and One Grouchy Mama

I had a completely different post planned, however the day’s events seem to have a common theme worth blogging about. Okay, it’s really only two events, but I find it oddly intriguing that we’ve  (D and I) encountered two very large animated creatures in one day (and we’re not at Disneyland). I’m looking for the deeper meaning in all of this.

Our first sighting was at the grocery store. I have to preface this story by saying that I was really grouchy when we got to the store. At noon today, I decided we would make a much-needed trip to the grocery store. But first, I would sort through the coupons ‘real quick.’ Two hours later, we were ready to go. Although the list was long, this shopping trip was dangerously close to naptime and would have to be quick to avoid a meltdown.

At the store, I switched into Turbo-Catherine mode and focused on the task before me. A short distance ahead of us, I saw a person dressed in a very large turtle suit handing out balloons and promoting credit union memberships. I knew we couldn’t afford any distractions, so I made a sharp right down the closest aisle to avoid the jolly reptile.

As I motored through our list, I silently congratulated myself on getting halfway through the list with a happy baby. Suddenly and without warning, D burst into sobs – LOUD sobs, with tears streaming down his cheeks. He was looking behind me at something. I turned around to see the giant turtle-man walking toward us. I was really, really annoyed. And, it must have shown. As soon as I turned around, the turtle and his ‘guide’ stopped in their tracks and made an about-face, muttering apologies as they walked away.

I whipped back around and pushed the cart fast, at the same time trying to soothe a frightened and tired D, yet determined to finish my list. Thankfully, D calmed down quickly and we made it through without any further incidents.

After a couple hours home, I got a text from Brian. He was at Dave & Buster’s on a team-building outing. The text said, “Guess what Daniel’s getting,” and included this picture:

My text back to Brian: “Please tell me ur kidding.”

No answer.

So, Daddy is now home, and we have a gorilla in our midst. Hee hee. Get it, Gorillas in the Mist? Gorilla in our Midst?

It’s even more hideous in person. I’ve already made it clear that this thing is not sleeping in D’s room. Honestly, I don’t know where to put it. It literally sucks the chi out of any space it’s in. I mean, really? Does it have to have breasts? My only consolation is that Brian didn’t spend any money on it. I guess the company gave each of them a pre-paid game card to use, and they pooled all of their tickets to get this for D.

Really, I’m not as grouchy as I’m pretending to be. I have the biggest smile on my face right now.

And this is why…

Thank you, Daddy!



  1. Oh my… that is one big stuffed animal!!! WOW.

    • Christine – I’ll bet Spencer would just LOVE it! Just say the word, and it’s yours!

  2. Sooooo funny. Well, the gorilla, not the turtle in the store. 🙂

  3. 1. That thing is freakin’ HUGE. It scares me a little bit.
    2. That thing *so* has bigger boobs than me.
    3. LOVE the hug for Daddy for bringing this “treasure” home.
    4. Way to stare down the advancing turtle!
    Hee hee… gorilla…

    • Elizabeth – It is soooo scary in real life. I mean, those pictures don’t even do it justice. Earlier tonight, I kept seeing it out of the corner of my eye. Totally freaks me out.

  4. Love the cute photos… but what do you do with that thing?! I’m glad D liked it better than the giant turtle!

    • I don’t know, Kelly. It wouldn’t surprise me if the gorilla had an ‘unfortunate accident.’ It is soooo ugly. Now that I’ve had it in the house for a few hours, it’s really creeping me out. And Brian’s talking about D still having it when he’s a teenager… Ugh!

  5. That is one large gorilla! How nice of Brian’s co-workers to pool together to get it for D.

  6. Hilarious!! That thing is huge! You couldn’t tell when Brian was holding it.

  7. Good grief that thing is ginormous! This post had me chuckling a few times.

  8. Clearly Daniel is thinking “my daddy is the COOLEST!” And seriously? That is pretty cool. Even if it does suck the chi out of your house. This is so funny, Catherine – but I do feel your pain. Where does one keep a huge gorilla? With breasts….

  9. Will this lovely item be the major prize in your next give-away?? Hmmmm. Not sure how many entries you’d get!

    This post cracked me up…from your description of the grocery store reptile to the big boobed gorilla. Very funny!! Didn’t you wonder if you were being filmed with your reactions to these beasts??

    D was on my lap when I read this post…and I think he is also a HUGE fan of that freakishly huge primate. (I’d like to think our boys had better taste than this!!) D was saying, “ooh-ooh-ooh” (his monkey sound) and and signing monkey too. He then kept signing “more” so I’d show him all the pictures of the monkey over & over. Sigh.

    • Believe me, I did think of a giveaway, however I’m not paying for shipping on this behemoth! It barely fit into Brian’s car.

      Oh, good thought about the filming. Have you seen that show “Boiling Point?” I would have failed for sure!

  10. That gorilla is fabulous! Hideous, but fab at the same time. Anything that makes D smile like that has to be worth it. Well done daddy 🙂

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