Posted by: CatherineD | April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: New Backpack



  1. That is priceless. The things parents do to their kids . . . while they can get away with it, that is! I love it.

  2. That back pack is adorable! But he doesn’t look too thrilled.

  3. Cute little turtle!

  4. hahahahahaha!!! that is awesome!

  5. Love the backpack!!! Where did you get it???

    • I was looking for a cute harness backpack and found it on Amazon. They have a few different animals to choose from.

  6. Ummmm…Daniel…did your Gma give you that backpack with hat?? Hmmm. CUTE!

  7. Oh THAT is awesome. But I think we need to see that thing from a few different angles. More photos please!

  8. Wow, that is super cute. Love it.

  9. Oh, I’m completely jealous! LOVE. IT.

    And I agree… more photos please!

  10. That is the cutest thing EVER! I wish Amazon sold to Canada…

  11. is it a littlelife pack?

    • Yes, it is a LittleLife.

  12. […] Backpack Pics As requested, here are more pics of D with his LittleLife backpack. They aren’t that great as he was ready […]

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