Posted by: CatherineD | May 28, 2010

One year ago, yesterday…

… at 9 a.m., Brian and I sat excitedly in our social worker’s office and hung on her every word as she went through the details of a referral for a baby boy. After reading through the documents, she teasingly said, “I don’t suppose you’d want to see pictures…” [Umm, heck yes!!!]

We could hardly contain our joy when we saw him in his Pooh sweatshirt…

She gave us a few other photos: a couple of him with his foster mother, and some of him playing in the playroom at Eastern. As an added treat, she had a video to show us! She had just returned from a trip to Eastern to escort some babies home. While she was there, she met and played with all of the children who had been or were to be matched with families through her agency. And, she videotaped these meetings to share with the waiting families. (Yes, this woman is amazing). It was a great feeling that she had met our son and could tell us first-hand just how special he was!

Since our referral day was pre-blog, I wrote (yes, hand-wrote!)  about the day in a beautiful journal that Brian gave me for our first Christmas as a married couple. [On a side note, I have to share what he wrote on the inside cover: “May this journal help you record our journey through life… TOGETHER!” (Swoon!)]

Here’s an excerpt from that journal entry, right after we saw the photos and video: “I cried so much – tears of joy that we would finally be parents(!), tears of sadness for his birth mother and the difficult (and courageous) decision she had to make, and tears of amazement at this beautiful little boy sitting in a red and gold throne.”

It’s hard to believe a year has gone by, and our little boy is almost 18 months old. Life is good.


  1. One year! Wow! Time flies doesn’t it?! I love little D’s pudgy feet 🙂
    And what a sweet hubby!

  2. Aw!!! Happy day for you three. Man, he was just as cute then as he is now!!

  3. Happy Referral Day and oh how we love that red and gold throne! I think we all need to find someone to make us children size ones for our boys.

  4. Happy referralversary! I always get a kick out of those photos in the red throne – sooooo cute!

  5. Happy Referral Day! Love Daniel’s referral picture – he is so cute:-)

  6. happy referral day!!! that referral picture is adorable! what a cute little guy!!!!

  7. YAY! There he is…in the beloved THRONE! When you told me you’d be sharing the referral throne photo…I was so excited to see it! Same Daniel…he just keeps getting cuter, if that is even possible. I love reading about people’s referral day…such an exciting moment in an AP’s life. I love what you wrote in your journal…and what your DH wrote too. So sweet. Congratulations on your referral anniversary — 1 year later now…isn’t it incredible??!!

  8. OH my. He was so cute in that picture too. It’s amazing he still looks just like that picture. What a special time of anticipation that was, but oh, so much better the fulfillment.

  9. Wow!! What an adorable referral photo! Happy referral day to you all!

  10. What fun to see his throne picture!!! Happy Referral-versay…truly a wonderful day!

  11. Oh I just adore his photo!! Happy referralversary!

    Please let me know when you’ll be coming over – would LOVE to see you!!

  12. I’m so excited to see his referral photo! You can totally recognize him – he was (and is) sooooo cute. Thank you for sharing. I love hearing referral stories. Happy Referralversary!!

  13. What a beautiful post… And a beautiful story!!!

  14. I meant “and a beautiful boy” clearly, I have not had enough sleep and/or coffee!

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