Posted by: CatherineD | August 7, 2010

Rainy Morning

Our day started around 6 a.m. when Daniel decided it was time to wake up. Normally on a Saturday, I’ll nudge Brian to get up with him so I can sleep in. But for some reason, today I was ready to wake up anyway.

The rain was coming down at a steady pace and collecting in the dump truck on the patio. We watched excitedly through the back door as it bounced off the cement and formed puddles. I pointed and said, “rain” while D patted the glass exclaiming, “da (everything’s “da” or “brrrr” these days)!” Rain is a very exciting event in the desert. This time of year is considered our “monsoon” season.

I decided to let D go out in his bare feet and pajamas to play in the rain. After all, we don’t get outside to play very often on these 110+ degree days. The rain had cooled off the patio to a perfect 78.

He splashed in the water that had collected atop his play table, and he stomped in the puddles. After he was sufficiently soaked and starting to shiver, I told him it was time to go inside. He vigorously shook his head no in opposition, so I picked him up, literally kicking and screaming, and took him inside to dry off and change.

Here he is looking wistfully out the back door.

And after throwing a full sippy cup at me and being scolded. Apparently, it’s hilarious when Mommy’s mad. [Sigh]

We’ve had a busy summer, and I have some catching up to do. Posts to come of 4th of July, Nana’s 90th birthday party and our trip to Wisconsin.



  1. Hope to see more updates soon. Oh I have been in AZ for Monsoon season. Fun!

  2. I’ve missed you guys! Love the playing in the rain. Don’t love the laughing when mama’s mad 😦

  3. Ooooh, I bet rain is a rare treat out there. How fun for both of you!

    Little D is totally into throwing things these days (cups, food, toys, etc…)…and it makes this mama a little bit nutty (and mad). I tell myself: deep breaths and try not to over-react. Cannot say I’m always so good at it.

    Missed you! Looking forward to hearing more soon.

  4. Love a good rainy day – especially if it is warm enough to be outside a bit. It sounds fun – minus the tantrum… we get those quite a bit around here.

  5. We missed you guys! Gotta love a summer rain to cool things down. Look forward to your updates!

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