Posted by: CatherineD | May 24, 2011

Hello, old friend!

So much has happened in the six months since I blogged last. I’m still trying to decide how best to organize the last few events and milestones, but for now – how about a quick summary with some fun pics? I’ve missed you, blogosphere!

In December, we moved into a new house, had Daniel’s birthday party three days later (in the new house), then celebrated Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s with family celebrations.

Thankfully, things calmed down a bit after that. Grammy and Grampy were wonderful to let D stay with them one weekend while we finished unpacking and settling into the house.

D and I enrolled in Music Together classes, I became a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church and we met some wonderful new friends who are also adopting from Korea.

We celebrated some birthdays (including my 37th), finalized the sale of our old house and spent Passover and Easter with family and friends.

Celebrating "2" with a Thomas the Train party

Decorating for Christmas

Fun with cousins


Vroom vroom



  1. I’ve miss you, my fellow 37year old, fellow mom to a cutie adopted from korea, and fellow lady with a jewish husband 🙂

  2. I almost passed out with excitement when I saw you posted!

    And holy moly lady… you have been busy!!! (Can you please send some of those home selling vibes this way?! 325 days on the market and counting…)

  3. Wow! That’s a lot. 🙂 Blog more please!!!

  4. Good morning! Thanks for the shout outs in the blog! I’ve already made the bubble picture my new wall paper and the picture you sent yesterday is on my phone! I am a huge Daniel fan!
    Keep up the blogging, I love reading it!

  5. I’ve missed you too!!! Happy you’re back. These photos are all awesome!

  6. Ok, yes, it’s been a while and I’ve missed you, but how is it possible that D is still so stinkin’ adorable, and you’re as beautiful as ever!
    Hope you’re back to stay 🙂

  7. Welcome back! You look great – and happy birthday! You sure have been bussssy! Wow. little D is getting cuter and cute. Just love the bubble shot! Happy birthday to him too!

  8. I’ve missed you! So glad to hear and see a bit of what you’ve been up to lately.

  9. Oh…I got so excited to open my Google Reader today and see TWO posts from you?!!?! YAY! I’ve missed you too. (I’m selfishly glad you post some photos of Daniel on FB or I’d be passed out by now waiting to see his cute little face!)

    Man…you’ve been busy. Great pics! I love the bubble photo!!

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