Adoption Timeline

It’s not a detailed list, but here are some of the major things:
  • 12/31/08   First meeting with agency
  • 01/10/09   Pre-application accepted
  • 03/06/09   Delivered complete application to agency
  • 04/09/09   Home study/B & C joint interview
  • 04/13/09   Home study/Brian’s interview
  • 05/04/09   Home study/Catherine’s interview
  • 05/07/09   Home visit
  • 05/07/09   Home study complete
  • 05/26/09   Application approved by court
  • 05/27/09   Received referral
  • 05/29/09   Mailed acceptance of referral to agency
  • 06/01/09   Complete file mailed from agency to Korea
  • 08/05/09  Notified that Korean government has paperwork – 1 month to go?
  • 08/31/09   Daniel’s passport issued
  • 09/24/09   TRAVEL CALL
  • 10/01/09   Forever Family Day!


  1. I am so excited for you guys…we can’t wait to meet Daniel

  2. I knew it, it’s coming very quickly. I’ve saved your blog to my favorites and sent it to me at home so I can save it there too.

    I can’t wait!!!


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